Random Tuesday – You mean there’s only ten days until Christmas?


  • This happens to me every year; I’m going through the month of December just fine and then BAM: only a few days left to shop and I either have way too much going on or not enough money. One year I will get my act together and be on top of things.
  • I don’t know how you Northern people do it. The winter months are so bitter. It’s particularly cold here this year and I am sick of it already. My skin is drier than ever, I shiver all the time, and it makes me REALLY not want to run. I’m thinking Hawaii… and soon.
  • I’m not one to follow the trending topics but why – pray tell – was Kate Gosselin camping with Sarah Palin anyway? I’m baffled by people, really.
  • So I ordered a Christmas gift for my husband yesterday: a shot gun. OMG, we’re turning into rednecks. Ok ok, that was such a blanket statement. I’m sorry. He wants it for self defense. And I’m looking forward to shooting it at the range. I could use some aggression therapy.
  • At Lon.ghorn Steakh.ouse on Saturday, I was reaching to drink my water and suddenly, I found said water spilled in my lap. The 2-3 inches of elbow I  had outside the limits of my table was apparently enough for the waitress who was barreling through to run into. I wasn’t that annoyed by it in general but I was more pissed off that she got in my face and talked to me like a child as she apologized instead of just cleaning it up. She’s lucky I was done eating because it pretty much drenched my plate, which was basically my potato skin. The hostess came by to apologize and it was obvious that she was fishing to see if I was going to complain enough to have to give me something. I’m not that customer but now I kind of think I should have been.
  • How does one go about getting a child to sleep all night if that child is waking up at, say, 3 AM? Elliot’s problem was always going to sleep and we did the infamous Cry It Out method, which worked. Isaac had been sleeping from 7-5 since he was 2 months old but as of the last month, he wakes up at 2 or 3 every night. What do I do?
  • Yesterday I had this grand epiphany about how I can take the characters I used in my thesis and write a contemporary romance. I could do it; Lord knows I’ve read enough of them now. I wrote 10 single spaced pages yesterday alone!
  • I think y’all should FormSpring me. I love answering questions :)

Ok, that about does it. Happy Tuesday! Oh wait! Man Candy…

This is model Bryce Thompson. This pic reminds me of that Cars movie when the cocky car is like “ka-jigga. ka-jigga”. Say that while looking at each of his abs. OMG.