Random Tuesday – NaBloPoMo Day 16 edition

It’s that time again? Tuesday? Really?? Ok, I’m over my disbelief. This time of year friggen’ flies by so really, I shouldn’t be in such shock.

  • As previously stated, my three year old has entered a new phase; something like “all asshole all the time.” I’m over it. I hope he likes his room because he’s going to be seeing a whole heck of a lot of it if he doesn’t shape up.
  • I downloaded Angry Birds for my ipod and people, I think I need rehab. It’s just so addicting! And it makes me angry and I have to curb my language when I can’t beat these stupid green pigs.
  • Speaking of addicting, I got the Kindle app on my ipod touch and I’ve bought a few more books than I intended. But it’s so easy for buying these paranormal romances that I kind of don’t want to be seen walking out of Borders with. I have purchased a few series in-store and not minded but the titles on a few are pretty risque and this way, I can indulge myself away from the public eye. But then I look at my bank account and I’m like, “Self, you must stop with the one-click buying!”
  • Have you guys seen this burger site? Sometimes when I am hungry and craving meat and cheese, I totally flip through all these all the while trying not to drool on my keyboard.
  • Ok, people, do you think The Walking Dead is worth missing the Sunday night NFL game for?

And as always, a tasty treat to feast your eyes upon. This is Andre Ziehe, Brazilian model. Maybe you recognize his body from the cover of Lady Gaga’s Alejandro single or from the 2Xist underwear campaigns. I think he’s scrumptious.