Random Tuesday – Last NaBloPoMo edition


Last day of this month long blogging thing and damn, I made it! I also like that I got to end on a Random Tuesday! Click the button above to participate and read on, readers. Read on…

  • So I make this delicious cookie pie that actually only consists of a graham cracker crust, Chips Ahoy cookies and Cool Whip. I made three over the vacation and we dominated them. Which means I am now officially “watching what I eat.” Le sigh.
  • I’m getting all geared up for Christmas by working on ipod playlists. I highly recommend this song by Blink 182.  Which is funny because I’m kind of a traditionalist when it comes to holiday music. I like Frank and Bing and Dean and the choir songs. But some of the others are great too.
  • I’m dominating in my fantasy football league. Six wins in a row. I really have to thank Peyton Hillis. If he weren’t such a beast on the field, I may not have pulled out those wins. Thanks, buddy! Also, if I could have two husbands, I’d totally propose. LOL.
  • Does anyone else get really anxious when they go to the mall this time of year? The crowds, the crazy shoppers! I never thought I had issues with that but there it is. Makes me all stabby.
  • Ash and I finally watched It’s Complicated Sunday night and I don’t know what it is but Alec Baldwin just annoys the hell out of me. He was good in that role but I kind of want to slap him.
  • How do parents deal with three year-olds who whine about every little thing? It’s like the end of the world if one thing goes slightly awry. He’s driving me fricken’ insane. See? Stabby. All the time.

And because I’m bordering on losing my ever-loving mind, I think it’s time to wrap up and throw some tasty man flesh your way. This is model Tyler Bachtel and that chain he’s wearing? GUH.

If I ever eat turkey again…

As the saying goes, it’ll be all too soon. Not that all that turkey wasn’t good. It was; it was awesome good. Wicked good. Melt in your mouth and causing a food orgasm good. But I am completely and totally burned out on it for you see, Ash requested a Thanksgiving redux for yesterday and I made yet another whole turkey, mac and cheese and green beans for lunch. Then we had the leftovers for dinner. Needless to say, when I got coffee and a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit this morning, I reveled in the change.

So, our holiday was a success. It was relaxing and fun and no one argued and everyone liked their food. Ash got to hang out with his brother. Elliot got to see family he cares about. And FSU beat the tar out of Florida, which warms the heart nearly as much as being with family. I mean, er, what? Well, we’ve been die-hard Nole fans for as long as I can remember so hey, cut us some slack! Mostly, we watched a lot of TV while our guests were here. Which is a staple of Thanksgiving – I know – but I feel so burned out on it. Way too much football, interspersed with Christmas movies.

Speaking of, I am finding it difficult to get up the nerve to decorate. Maybe my brain has this internal block that says not to do this until it’s officially the first. Maybe I just don’t want to get out all those boxes to set up my village and then pull out the tree and all that. I prefer to do it when no one’s around but there’s rarely a time like that now. After the boys are in bed, I have little to no energy to do something of that sort. I want the coziness of the twinkly lights though. I want to drink hot tea and snuggle on my couch while bathed in the glow of the tree. Maybe I will psyche myself up and do it tonight or tomorrow.

It’s gray and icky here today, which is actually perfect for this time of year. We were maybe four or five hours north, we’d probably see snow soon. I wouldn’t want to deal with the logistics of snow but I will admit that it’s pretty. Maybe some day I’ll give in to Ash’s wishes and move somewhere snowy. For now, here will do.

And now I am off to catch up on work and remind myself why I appreciate my home life and my job and all that good stuff.

Kids are strange creatures

I’ve been meaning to write about Elliot for a while now and even this post probably won’t do his three year old character the justice it deserves.

At three years and three months old, Elliot is a full fledged little human. As in, he understands pretty much everything I expect him to. All things considered, I think he has a very high level of responsibility. He’s using the potty regularly now and will go in, do his this, dump, flush, and wash his hands. Still has trouble with his buttons and zippers but otherwise, he’s got it down. Sometimes he still refuses to drop the crocs off at the pond but if we leave him in there to his cryfest over it long enough, he’ll relax and let it go.

He’s fun to play with in the way all boys are; he enjoys being chased and playing games of keep away. Anything can be used as a gun and makes the “pew pew” noise, though I have no earthly idea where he got that…other than daycare. And even then, what kid ever thought that up, you know? I’m torn on the gun/violence thing. Most of the time I don’t give it a second thought but things will be going along just fine until he uses said “weapon” to hit one of the dogs. Game over, go to you room. And then we have to talk about that fine line between playtime and hurting someone/something.

He’s still disgustingly defiant. If he’s playing and we have to get ready to go, the answer is NO. He’ll run from us in the house but eventually, depending on how we broach the subject, he’ll calm down and go with the flow. He has learned how to manipulate, push buttons, and push boundaries. My boundary is that moment in the car when he screams at Isaac for making noise and I have to wrench my hand around to pinch his ankle. That’s usually when he realizes he’s gone over the line.

Some days are better than others. I’ll see a shadow of the kid he was at nearly two, when he was so easy going I oftentimes stopped to thank the powers that be that he was such a wonderful child; how ever did I get so lucky?? But for the most part, he’s operating on his own time and by his own rules until we whip him into shape. And I know this is all part of him figuring out who he is and how he fits into our family and our way of life. It’s not like that stuff came ingrained in his DNA, though wouldn’t that have been nice?

I hear four is better than three and I kind of look forward to it. I feel bad when I go days at a time feeling utterly exhausted by his behaviour, almost dreading dealing with the attitude. Of course, there will be a time when he’s grown up a bit more and this kind of thing is merely a memory and Ash and I will reminisce about it all.  I shouldn’t wish away our time together. Just like in Toy Story 3 when Andy’s mom is looking at his boyhood room and everything is gone and packed for college. The look he gives her to console her makes me break down in tears every single time. Some day, that will be us. And this three year old terror phase will have faded away like early morning fog, wisps of memory long gone.

SOOC Isaac


Ash, Elliot, and Elliot went to a movie so I had the house to myself. Well, Isaac was napping, then he was playing, then he was eating. So not really. But I put on my Jazzy Christmas album and got some photos put on Flickr. These are some straight out of camera shots I wanted to share. The above is from the old camera and the three below are the new. Tell me if you see the difference. I sure as heck do. :)


  • I’ve eaten too much, but I ran a hard three miles.  I mean, I ran ’em hard… not that they were hard.
  • I love having my family here but they can grate on the nerves.
  • I love watching football but I am sick of TV.
  • The Thanksgiving high is coming down and the Christmas vibes are picking up.
  • My trees’ leaves are all colors of gold and burgundy but they’re falling on my green grass.
  • I’m glad to see the end of the semester but always sad come the end of the year.

This time of the year is always so full of dichotomies such as these. I wish I had more time to blog but entertaining is draining and time consuming. Pictures from the new camera coming soon!

What I’m doing riiiight now

Brace yourselves people. This post is full of the mundane minutia of everyday life. But let’s call it the “Thanksgiving 2010 Edition”

  • If you look at the clock and it’s 6 AM, I’m probably up, making waffles for Elliot, chugging a Starbucks Doubleshot and puttering around my house, trying to tidy up before all hell breaks loose my guests arrive.
  • If it’s around 10 AM when you check your watch, my BIL is probably landing at Tallahassee airport (hopefully not worse for wear after the invasive pat-down he may have received in Chicago. Moon RIVER!)
  • Possibly around noontime, I’ll be trying to entertain my parents and/or hastily jotting down last minute supplies that need to be purchased.
  • Around three or so, we’ll be going to The Fresh market to retrieve the fresh turkey and their cranberry stuff.
  • In an attempt not to lose my brain altogether, I might be nursing a beer by 4 or 5.
  • By 7, I guarantee I’ll either have found my stride and be in a state of Zen or have had my mental breakdown and you’ll find me in a dark room, rocking in a corner, mumbling incoherently.
  • After the kids go to bed and my parents head back to their hotel, Ash, his bro and I will probably watch a movie and/or head to bed early because we have that race tomorrow. So wish me luck and peace out peoples. Have a great Turkey Day!

Random Tuesday -Turkey week


NaBloPoMo is about to get really fricken’ hard with this here Holiday so let me pound out some random bits o’ info then get on to scheduling posts for the next few day. Enjoy!

  • In about one day, I will have my parents and brother-in-law here for Thanksgiving and if I don’t actually think about the ins and outs of entertaining, I might just keep my sanity.
  • Before we sit down to gorge ourselves on Thanksgiving food on Thursday, we’re running a race. I’m doing the 5k and Ash and his bro, the 15k. I pray to God I don’t feel then how I felt this past Saturday when I would rather have taken a knife to the gut over running one more fricken’ mile. You have good days and bad days; let’s hope Thursday is good.
  • Have I shown you this site? He doesn’t update often but it’s hilarious.
  • I didn’t watch those AMA awards but I heard some chick named Justin won entertainer of the year. (hee hee ha ha)
  • Some places out West got snow. We have 80 degree temps when just last week it was 30. What gives?
  • Also, am I the only person who doesn’t give two craps about this royal wedding business?
  • I once found a hundred dollar bill in a Publix parking lot.
  • Ryan Reynolds totally does not deserve the Sexiest Man title. Not that he isn’t nice to look at but give me three minutes and I could amass a list of sexier men for you.
  • Every morning when I drop my husband off at work, my son requests that he say goodbye to us all by our Halloween personas. So he says, “Goodbye, Venom daddy.” And my husband says, “Goodbye Spider man Elliot. Goodbye Batman Isaac and goodbye Sookie mommy”, because yes, I was Sookie Stackhouse for Halloween. It’s fairly amusing that Elliot still asks for this though.

And here’s your weekly Man Candy. Andrew Stetson has that rough look to him but coupled with the pouty lips,very nice.

Bad sales tactics

(I’m going to have to take a page out of my friend’s sister’s blog and do some tricky little thing because it seems like every time I complain about a company, one of their PR people finds it and makes half-assed attempts at apologizing.)

On Friday – date day – we planned to test drives cars because, as you may know, we’ve been living on one since July. Ash had kind of already decided on the Honda Pilot. It seats 8, is reasonably priced, and we trust Hondas implicitly. To be fair, we also decided to test drive the To.yota Hig.hlander. But first, we went to the Honda dealership.

When we pulled up, I already felt comfortable because a.) I bought my Element there and b.) I go there every few months for my oil change. Someone opened the door for us and greeted us. He also asked if we’d worked with a particular sales associate before so I mentioned our dude, Billy. The other guy went to get him and, whether or not Billy actually remembered us from four years ago, he was the same easy-going, nonchalant salesman that I remember. We told him he we were interested in the Pilot, he quickly got a key and we were on the road. While we drove, he pointed out some features and made conversation. It was really easy to talk to him. When we got back, we inspected the outside of the car and the storage, etc. Then we went back inside and Billy went left us for maybe four minutes to draw up some numbers. They cut us a deal for being repeat customers and offered a really low APR.

We told him that he could pretty much count on seeing us back soon but we wanted to go discuss it. The great thing about that guy is that he pretty much acts as if he couldn’t care less if you came back and bought the car. Which is exactly why we did before!

But to be fair, we headed up the road to the other dealership. We got there and no one approached us. Upon asking the woman at the front desk – who was on a personal call, mind you – she made an all-call and we were rushed by a few different salesmen. The older man started speaking first so we were stuck with him. We explained what we were looking for and right off the bat, he didn’t really seem confident and he definitely didn’t make us feel comfortable. He left for a second to get a key then led us to the parking lot where he admitted he wasn’t sure where the Hig.hlanders were. We get out there and he says they only had Limiteds to drive, even though we wanted to see the base model.We checked it out then had to ask to drive it. He lets us in and as we’re pulling out he says if we want to leave the parking lot, he’ll have to go get a tag. Well, of course we want to drive it on the road. Duh. So we let him out and wait another five minutes before he gets back.

The drive was excruciatingly silent. That was his opportunity to sell us, you know? We’d already told him we had just come from Honda. And yet, he sat in the back and didn’t say a single thing.

When we got back to the dealership, we asked if that was my Honda, pointing, then said to pull it up and he’d have it appraised for trade-in value. We never mentioned trading – which we’re not – so that was another assumptive and poor move on his part. We sat down at the desk where he didn’t have a computer or a pen or paperwork or even his business card. The chairs were chintzy too. We told him we’d like some numbers on the base model so he left us – AGAIN – and was gone at least 10 minutes before coming back with an offer of a higher APR  and some added things that it appeared he liked, like a specific sparkly white color that cost more. We told him thanks for running the numbers and we’d like to go home and think about it. So what does he do? He tells us he’ll be right back AGAIN.

He came back with new numbers and then asked us to go outside with him, where he showed us another Limited that was two years old. At this point, I was already agitated and I kept telling Ash we had to just make a break for it because he would not let us just go. The kicker for me was when we were inspecting that older one – half-assedly, because were so so exasperated by this point – and he showed me the automatic rear door opener and said I’d need it because I probably can’t reach it and I’ll have armfuls of groceries. Wow, you pig. I pretty much looked him in the eye and told him I won’t have trouble with that regardless.

After that, he offered us another deal and we tried to go so he asked us if we had to choose, right then, whether we’d buy that car or the Honda; we told him Honda. When asked why, I got nervous. But man, I was so proud of Ash because he really told him what’s what. We itemized all of his mistakes: not ready for our test drive, no business card, didn’t know a lot of details about the car, didn’t even have our model to show us, and put too much pressure. He apologized for coming off that way but nonetheless, he was so damned pushy, I wouldn’t have bought anything from him. If anything, his lack of tact pushed us towards the Honda even more.

Hopefully in another couple weeks we’ll have the Pilot and all of our car-pooling issues will be solved. Considering that other company is having some -ahem – specific part failure problems and is trying to recover from that debacle, they didn’t do such a great job convincing us they were better. Granted, this could be just that dealership but its the whole buying experience, you know? It’s not just the car that sells the brand. And again, we’re loyal Honda buyers.