Take a look at these two photos:

See the difference? While my point and shoot Canon (first pic) takes pretty good outdoor pictures, it still lacks in low light situations and I am just not fond of the way the flash makes people look. Though, it’s served me well since Christmas 2006. Which brings me to the next photo, which was taken with my father-in-law’s Canon DSLR. He is semi-retired and once he moved out to the deserts of Arizona, he went headlong into a photography obsession. So this man knows his camera products. I envied his equipment, having always loved photography. In high school, I took Photo 1 and 2 and became quite good at developing. I still remember two entire semesters of smelling like finisher. I enjoyed the challenge of the dark dark room and unrolling my film and adding it to the developing canister. Though I never got the greatest grades on my subjects or composition, I was first in my class when it came to the quality of my developing.

Though I know I’ll never go back to manual developing, I still yearn for a quality SLR, but it seemed like a long way away, considering I promised it to myself when I got a higher paying job. And in this economy, no one knows when that may be.

Recently, my little point and shoot has been clicking when turned on, indicating that the lens is on its way out. I asked Ash for a new one for Christmas, seeing as how they’re somewhat inexpensive now at between two and three hundred dollars. Well, the other evening, as we were laying in bed (and for all I know, I may have been half asleep when he said this; it seems rather hazy) Ash informed that he talked to his dad and I’m getting my very own SLR. Specifically, this one. I am completely and totally blown away. The best part is that they’re going to buy it for me before the holidays so I can start taking great pictures now. Is this amazing news or what? Ok ok, so it sounds rather materialistic but I really cherish capturing my children as they grow; it’s really important to me and this is going to allow me to do it even better.