The Tuesday of hurry-up-ness


  • WOW. There’s 75 people who already posted their blogs today for Random Tuesday, proving I needed to do this, like, yesterday
  • But unfortunately, I was at the Honda dealership, getting my oil changed and swiping that free wi-fi. Ohhh yeah.
  • I beat both opponents in Fantasy Football this week and I’m pretty damn thrilled.
  • In fact, yesterday was a really good day for me. Got a lot of good news and worked out and my kids behaved and then? And then? I got to go shopping! You must understand that I rarely get to do this as I cannot justify spending the money. I got jeans and a shirt and it was oh-so awesome.
  • The weather is still cold here, which is totally shocking to me every morning as I walk out in jeans and short sleeves still thinking it’ll be mild and then, much to my dismay, the freezing chilly wind whips around me and um, brrrr.
  • As I mentioned, I’m going home this weekend and driving in the car with a 3 year old and an almost 6 month old sort of makes my stomach churn. We don’t have a portable dvd player for Elliot and Isaac hates his car seat. Take pity on me, please.
  • For the record, I hate every late night show, Jimmy Fallon especially. Though, Craig Ferguson is kind of awesome because his sidekick is a robot.
  • I created two stack of paper this morning: one of important things I needed and one of recyclable stuff. I then picked up the stuff I needed and promptly put it in the recycle bin. Clearly, not enough coffee has been consumed.
  • Even though it’s Ash running a marathon on Sunday and not me, I am feeling extremely nervous as if I had an upcoming event. It’s really weird. Is that like how husbands sometimes feel anxiety when their wives are pregnant?
  • I’m about to respond to essays, pump some milk, and drink my vitamin C. Some of these things you probably did not want to know.

I’m out. I have crap to do. And you have comments to leave. ;)