Random Tuesday – Two middle fingers edition



  • Monday was a kick in the teeth so I abandoned blogging. I had five student conferences, a literal ton of grading to do, and it was ominously dark almost all day. Welcome to the workweek! Sigh.
  • What’s the deal with Hollister? Really? I mean, the people they hire completely ignore you. Which, on the one hand, I appreciate because I tend to like to shop without being hassled. But then, when you want some help, they’re too self-absorbed to even notice your presence. This is all not to mention their dark stores wherein a stack of severely missized clothing is spotlit so that you can’t quite tell what it looks like. I normally wear tops in medium and in there? Extra large only. And yet, whenever I go to the mall, I swing through.
  • Do you guys have a World Market? I get their coupons because I shop there every Christmas season for random gifts and I feel so compelled to go there all the time and yet, I don’t buy anything. This baffles me.
  • On Friday afternoon Ash and I saw Life as We Know It” and I find it highly amusing that when we told our married without children friends, they were sort of confused as to why we’d see that over anything else out. For one, nothing IS out otherwise and for two, it’s about raising a baby. So Ash and I could totally relate. It ended up being a pretty decent movie too.
  • A friend of ours is giving in. She’s buying… a minivan. To her credit, she did just have twins so her three car seats will only fit if she goes up to Expedition sized in SUVs. Ash and I discussed this this morning and neither of us are willing or ready to give in to driving a minivan. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to give up my cool card and drive one. It’s just too…expected.
  • Over the weekend we had a bunch of friends come to visit. It was brief but really nice to catch up. Once you have kids, the socializing opportunities  become few and far between. This brought up the topic of before and after kids. Ash claims he can barely remember what life was like before Elliot. My response was, and is always, I TOTALLY CAN. This is not to say I in any way regret children or don’t love my life now, of course. I just remember the freedom I had before. At the same time, I was also bored a lot, without purpose. And looking for something to fill the void. TA DA: children.
  • That’s all the randomness I gots for ya this week. As always, here’s a tasty treat to see you out. (Arthur Sales)


Take a look at these two photos:

See the difference? While my point and shoot Canon (first pic) takes pretty good outdoor pictures, it still lacks in low light situations and I am just not fond of the way the flash makes people look. Though, it’s served me well since Christmas 2006. Which brings me to the next photo, which was taken with my father-in-law’s Canon DSLR. He is semi-retired and once he moved out to the deserts of Arizona, he went headlong into a photography obsession. So this man knows his camera products. I envied his equipment, having always loved photography. In high school, I took Photo 1 and 2 and became quite good at developing. I still remember two entire semesters of smelling like finisher. I enjoyed the challenge of the dark dark room and unrolling my film and adding it to the developing canister. Though I never got the greatest grades on my subjects or composition, I was first in my class when it came to the quality of my developing.

Though I know I’ll never go back to manual developing, I still yearn for a quality SLR, but it seemed like a long way away, considering I promised it to myself when I got a higher paying job. And in this economy, no one knows when that may be.

Recently, my little point and shoot has been clicking when turned on, indicating that the lens is on its way out. I asked Ash for a new one for Christmas, seeing as how they’re somewhat inexpensive now at between two and three hundred dollars. Well, the other evening, as we were laying in bed (and for all I know, I may have been half asleep when he said this; it seems rather hazy) Ash informed that he talked to his dad and I’m getting my very own SLR. Specifically, this one. I am completely and totally blown away. The best part is that they’re going to buy it for me before the holidays so I can start taking great pictures now. Is this amazing news or what? Ok ok, so it sounds rather materialistic but I really cherish capturing my children as they grow; it’s really important to me and this is going to allow me to do it even better.


How long will I sit with this post blank, the little cursor blinking ever so patiently for me to begin typing? I try to get down some ideas to no avail. If I made a list of all the disjointed detritus bouncing around in my brain, it may look something like this:

See what I mean? My brain is jumbled up like that wordle. I find it interesting though that the program offers different visual placement options and you can make all your words horizontal, thereby creating some kind of form out of the chaos. It’s sort of zen to take all your ideas and randomize then organize them. It’s a nice analogy for getting your shit together.

Maybe I need to utilize wordle more often. Or have my student use it in this capacity to brainstorm paper ideas. Actually, that’s a good idea.

SO, today I have to run errands during lunch and then conference with four of my students. We have guests coming on Saturday so I have to kick my ass into gear and clean my house. It’s not that it isn’t clean, it’s that it’s not tidy. There’s just stuff everywhere. I suppose that’s life and all but come on; is there a reason why I have four pairs of toddler socks, a Toy Story chair, a pillow, three rawhides, and a t-rex on the office floor? Why, if you said “Elliot” then you would be correct. Sigh.

Also, I just realized part of my wordle is null and void because there will be no Bones on tonight due to playoffs. And may I mention how much I hate baseball? Sure, I will watch playoffs of any sport but in general, I really dislike baseball. Prereqs for players include guts and beards, steroids optional. That is one sport that’s all about the stats. And though I’m a dork at heart – loving to know all there is to know about something – I can’t get into pointless stats. The sport is inherently boring. Unless you’re actually at the game and then you have beer and soft pretzels to make up for it.

This post still ended up disorganized, didn’t it?

Random Tuesday – Now with more bitching



  • SO, I can’t really say TOO much but if the Dean’s office can swing it, I may be down to get a promotion and take a different position.
  • I could really use the money; kids are expensive, yo. But I realized today that it’s been about 3 weeks since I have had to buy Pull-Ups and isn’t that awesome? Yes it is. It means more money for coffee and vampire romance novels, which are apparently becoming vices of mine.
  • I look like an invalid with all this junk on my knee but I discovered KT Tape and it is magical. I also got this band thing with a “unique tubular buttress” that keeps the kneecap in place, which is exactly what I needed. Can’t wait to see if it works while running but it has made walking a lot less painful.
  • Yesterday’s goal was to grade papers. Do you know how many I graded? ZERO.
  • I ate too many candy corns yesterday and got a sore throat. Am I the only one who gets this? No more candy for me. Well, until Elliot gets home with his Trick or Treating stash. Mwuhahaha.
  • Feeling the itch to shop. I had three different sites open yesterday and items in all my baskets and at the last second, I decided to just close out and say no. But then I felt empty. Though perhaps the emptiness I would have felt once I’d spent the money would have been worse. One may never know.
  • I beat this itchy throat/severe drainage thing last week with a shit ton of water and vitamin C. Alas, it seems to be rearing its ugly head again. My body obviously can’t handle this 40s in the AM/80s in the PM business.
  • Short week in terms of my bullets but let’s make Man Candy a tradition eh? The lovely Joseph Sayers. 5’7” of pure muscle. Yum.

Are you drowning or waving?

I feel bad that most of my blog is either Random Tuesday posts or written in bullet format. My brain is running a bullet operating system, to be honest with you. I can only think in fragments, in to-do lists, in one-thing-at-a-times. These days I am feeling rather overwhelmed and slowly coming to accept the fact that I simply cannot mentally compartmentalize all the things I have to do. I had better get used to making more lists or utilizing apps that help me keep track of my life. It’s sort of disconcerting to see my brain getting slower. At only 31, shouldn’t I be sharper than this? Is it because of Baby Brain? Maybe I’ve mistreated my brain cells too harshly over the years, though certainly, my college drinking could not be just now catching up, right? Whatever the cause, I keep getting that terrible awful sinking feeling that I’ve forgotten to do something really important and when it’s revealed, everything will go to shit.

I don’t suppose it’s too late to recover. There are ways to improve brain function and memory. Certainly, even though I was a lot busier, when I was running I was more in control, it seemed. And speaking of running, Ash did really well in his first marathon. His goal was to run it in four hours and they clocked him at 4:04:38, which annoyed him because his watch had him at exactly four hours and thirty-eight seconds. When he and his brother crossed the start line, the time difference was about 11 minutes but the results page has it at seven. So there ya go. But he was totally thrilled to be able to accomplish his goal. He says it’s like a cornerstone in his life. If there comes a time when he questions his will to go on – no matter what the situation – he’ll look back at the marathon and know he has the strength. I envy him in a lot of ways. I have been so downtrodden due to my injury that I’ve slipped into a mindset of negativity. As in, I don’t see myself  accomplishing much, because of this one set back. Which is a stupid way to think but true nevertheless. Must. Start. Running. Again. Come on Glucosamine, start working already.

In non-complainy news, Elliot’s rocking the potty training. The only time he’s had accidents has been when I’ve put him in time-out. Either because he’s upset or because he thinks he can’t leave, that’s been the case every time. What I find amusing is that Ash’s brother and girlfriend are all gung-ho about having him go to Chicago to visit them. So much so they even said one person would fly down, acquire him and fly him there and back, etc. I guess if you don’t have kids you’d have no concept of what it’s like to hang out with one who’s almost potty trained. If he were still in diapers, they’d never want to do that. Even at this stage, he can’t wipe his own ass, you know? They obviously have not thought this through. I think it would be awesome for him to experience that but uh, no. Let’s not go there.

SO, it’s Fall, my favorite season. Used to be I’d anxiously await October first and then immediately put out all my Fall decorations, set up my graveyard in the front and string up some fake spider web. This year? Not even cracked a storage bin nor thought about – until about three days ago – putting up the stuff. I feel sort of bad about it. Kind like forgetting to call a friend or something. Like I owed it to Fall or to my stuff to do it. I’m just too damned preoccupied these days. And I kind of hate that. We haven’t even talked to Elliot about what he’s going to be. I think he’ll be able to tell us once we’re looking at costumes. I feel so sad that I don’t even have my normal drive to hit up the pumpkin patch. I am sure once we’re there I’ll feel the same as ever but the build-up and excitement I used to feel simply isn’t there anymore. Sigh.

I guess I sort of went back to complaining, didn’t I? Seems to be a trend today. I’m gonna go listen to depressing music and read emo blogs now.

Random Tuesday is brought to you by the word “discombobulated”



  • For one thing, I don’t ever want to take three days off from work again. I came back to all hell breaking loose. At the same time, it’s kind of comforting to know how much I am actually needed around this joint.
  • Dude, Brett Favre. How far you have fallen. You look like an old man on the field and you’re apparently no better than those other pervs that violate the personal conduct rules. Remember a couple years back when Vikings players got in trouble for some crazy drunken boat party? I guess it’s a Viking thing to be a screw up.
  • This weekend, I traveled over 900 miles across most of Florida. I broke a nail closing my trunk. I accidentally backed into my sister’s car (when I was the only one NOT drinking, mind you).
  • On our drive home, Isaac screamed his little head off, as usual, but at one point, about 30 miles from home, Elliot says, “Mommy, Isaac has poop on him.” I finally pull over and peek back to see that he’s had the mother of all blow-outs. I had to get him out, use every last wipe I had, cramming them into an empty Kleenex box (along with his onesie; even though it was cute I decided to trash it due to the poop to material ratio) and then his seat was all gooey so I got it at least somewhat dry and put a burp cloth on it so he wouldn’t be sitting in funk. He still smelled faintly of baby poo and today, he smells like Woolite upholstery cleaner because the seat hadn’t dried. What a hot mess.
  • I was supposed to leave Sunday night but then an old friend of mine said she would be in town. We met in the 9th grade when we both moved to Orlando from other cities. Though we went our separate ways in high school after a time, she and I recently hooked back up online and chat all the time now, now that we have kids in common. So it was something I knew I had to do. Seeing her was awesome too but you know what we didn’t do? Take pictures! Wow.
  • Back to breaking my nail…I have suddenly turned all girly with wanting my nails to be nice. I used to be a big time nail biter until I chipped a tooth. Not necessarily while biting but the dentist said over time that can happen. I had to have some work done to repair the chip so I have stopped biting. Though, the fix is already messed up and 160 bucks went right down the drain, proving that once you had a tooth problem, there is no going back. I guess I am just old and need to accept parts of my body that are and will be falling apart.
  • Though I technically went on “vacation” this weekend, I don’t feel rested or relaxed at all.
  • And just because I can, here’s some tasty man candy. Happy Tuesday!

The Tuesday of hurry-up-ness


  • WOW. There’s 75 people who already posted their blogs today for Random Tuesday, proving I needed to do this, like, yesterday
  • But unfortunately, I was at the Honda dealership, getting my oil changed and swiping that free wi-fi. Ohhh yeah.
  • I beat both opponents in Fantasy Football this week and I’m pretty damn thrilled.
  • In fact, yesterday was a really good day for me. Got a lot of good news and worked out and my kids behaved and then? And then? I got to go shopping! You must understand that I rarely get to do this as I cannot justify spending the money. I got jeans and a shirt and it was oh-so awesome.
  • The weather is still cold here, which is totally shocking to me every morning as I walk out in jeans and short sleeves still thinking it’ll be mild and then, much to my dismay, the freezing chilly wind whips around me and um, brrrr.
  • As I mentioned, I’m going home this weekend and driving in the car with a 3 year old and an almost 6 month old sort of makes my stomach churn. We don’t have a portable dvd player for Elliot and Isaac hates his car seat. Take pity on me, please.
  • For the record, I hate every late night show, Jimmy Fallon especially. Though, Craig Ferguson is kind of awesome because his sidekick is a robot.
  • I created two stack of paper this morning: one of important things I needed and one of recyclable stuff. I then picked up the stuff I needed and promptly put it in the recycle bin. Clearly, not enough coffee has been consumed.
  • Even though it’s Ash running a marathon on Sunday and not me, I am feeling extremely nervous as if I had an upcoming event. It’s really weird. Is that like how husbands sometimes feel anxiety when their wives are pregnant?
  • I’m about to respond to essays, pump some milk, and drink my vitamin C. Some of these things you probably did not want to know.

I’m out. I have crap to do. And you have comments to leave. ;)

Family of four does the weekend

What is it about weekend with kids that can relegate them to utter shit or elevate them to magically awesome levels? They fluctuate way too much these days and my sanity hangs in the balance. This weekend was no exception. Saturday morning Ash ran early and I held down the fort. Elliot was in a relatively good mood but was a little lazy about the potty. We had two accidents before noon but he leveled off after that. And did fine during nap. But I was still sort of annoyed by him because he wouldn’t play with his toys and he basically didn’t want to do anything. Finally he went down for nap and Isaac woke up right before Ash fell asleep on the couch. Sigh. By 4, I think we were all feeling a little stir crazy so we got ready and headed to the park.

The multi-use trails at Tom Brown park are pretty awesome (though maybe a little too sandy for strollers) and Elliot liked to run ahead and then show us stuff. The weather was nice, if not a little warm, but in the shade of the forest, it wasn’t too bad. It was quite peaceful back there and I think it helped us all to decompress. Even Isaac fell asleep in the stroller.

We went home and had dinner then went back out for ice cream, which was awesome but see also: FATTENING.  Brusters is especially awful since it’s handmade from unicorns and double rainbows and gold and shit. But OMG was it ever tasty. I worked out though so I felt slightly better. Really, I know at some point here I have to get serious about running again because Ash and I and possibly his brother are running the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. Not that it’s going to be *hard* but with this stupid knee injury, I haven’t been on top of my game. I did, however, start taking glucosamine, consequences be damned. It’s one of those drugs where there’s not enough conclusive evidence that it is or is not safe for nursing. Ash is living proof that stuff works so I’m getting on it. I just hope I can get back out on the road soon. Running not only helped me physically but mentally as well.

This week is going to be super hectic but I’m taking it one day at a time. Today, I have to teach and have an afternoon meeting. Tomorrow, a new book comes out and I have lunch errands to run.  Wednesday, Ash has to get a hair cut (one car, remember) and then we both have to pack. Thursday will be the busiest as Ash’s flight to Chicago leaves around noon then I have to drop off dogs, pick up kids, and get on the road to Orlando. It’s going to be insane but fun. I’m out! Happy Monday!