It’s the time again, folks


Yup, Random Tuesday again. You know you love it

  • SO, I just finished reading a book in my office because I was that close to the end and thankfully, no one came by because I totally cried. <—-LAME.
  • I lost to my BIL in fantasy football by 4 points. FOUR POINTS!
  • In my other league, I beat a 19 year old boy whose handle is “Big Dick” by 30 points. Suck it!
  • Like The UnMom herself, my son’s also seeing monsters. Perhaps toddlers do have an uncanny ability to predict a zombie apocalypse. And when it comes, have you chosen your weapon? Mwuhahaha. (I’m going with double axes myself)
  • I am entering a vampire fiction contest. Wish me luck. It’s going to painful to finish what I have written but dammit, I want to win a Kindle.
  • Neighbour watch 2010: She’s not dead. But when she resurfaced – back feeding the cats of course – she looked pretty beat down. That’s what sitting on your ass all day will do, I guess.
  • Nine days ’til Bones, people.  I don’t think you can fathom my excitement.
  • Would you say this guy likes like he’d be named Aurelio?
  • Ok, now as per Keely’s request, I am off to visit five other Random Tuesday bloggers. I suggest you do the same.