Random Tuesday OR the I’m outta my mind edition


  • I used to rely on lists. I had lists everywhere. All over my desk at work, on the kitchen counter at home and even on sticky notes I’d attach to things like my wallet, phone and ipod. And yet, I have somehow gotten out of the habit. Now my brain is a mish-mash of all the junk I can’t seem to get down on paper. (And also, shouldn’t I be making said list RIGHT NOW instead of blogging??)
  • The weather here has been actually cool lately. I can’t wait for this knee to heal up so I can run again. I know it sounds crazy to want to run!
  • I need a good piece of fiction to read that’s NOT vampires. I’m starting to feel guilty. I’m reading two books at once and they’re both of the blood-sucker variety.
  • With the advent of this cool weather, I am getting excited to start following New England Fall foliage websites. Just the thought of being in a place where the leaves change color and the air begins to smell like wood burning and Autumn makes my heart ache with longing.
  • I’ve decided that I really don’t like sesame seed bagels. Or peas.
  • I think our neighbour died. I don’t see her around anymore, the tomato plants are dying, and her husband suddenly requested cat traps from the city. It was apparently her idea to feed them, not his. The problem now is that he’s not baiting them so the cats are laying right next to empty said traps. But if she really did die (or maybe he ate her!) then I’d feel bad calling the city to investigate the traps. What a conundrum.
  • I started watching the British TV show Torchwood on Netflix. It’s not that good but is filled with slashy goodness. And James Marsters.
  • 24 days until Bones season 6 premier! Woot!

That’s all for now. Got a ton of work to do any even less time to do it in. Over and out.