Light at the end

I didn’t need to remind my doctor of what he’d told me weeks ago; when I saw him this morning, we had a very down to earth conversation about the possibility of inducing me on Friday when he is on call. Though in some ways I felt that I was throwing in the towel on this pregnancy, I think the choice I made to do it is what needed to be done. After a week and a half of physical and mental pain, I reached a point where I had to do something… something for myself. Maybe it’s selfish but I have been in a state of in-between for too long and I realized I was no longer enjoying my pregnancy or almost anything else, for that matter.

So on Friday morning at 6 AM, I’ll be going into the hospital. I hope to have pictures and all that good stuff up for you, the loyal ones who I know are out there, even if you don’t comment.