Waiting out the clock

SO. This is the most pregnant I have ever been. Well, Technically, Sunday was. With Elliot, I turned 37 weeks on a Sunday and he was born Wednesday morning. I was 37 weeks last Wednesday. In so many ways, I thought last night was IT. I had been having very rugged Braxton Hicks contractions since about noon. They subsided a bit around 10 PM but still came and went, even when I laid on my side. The cramping, the lower back pain… all signs. And yet, I am here. Not in labor. I have never wanted to willingly go into a painful situation so much in my life.

Mentally, I am prepared. I was ready last night; on edge, just waiting for the time to be right. I had the sudden burst of energy you supposedly get. I couldn’t sleep and all I wanted to do was clean. I think this is a test of my fortitude. Because I can seem myself getting easily discouraged if each time I *think* this is real labor, it turns out not to be. It’s a stay strong kind of test. And I’m determined to ace it.

My friend’s due date is today and early in the morning, her water broke. She is currently in L&D, somewhere in the three stages of labor. I haven’t had an update lately but to be honest, I am jealous. I’d like to go next please.