Tonight, Ash and I will be venturing to dinner alone because Elliot’s daycare is doing a fundraiser in which they watch your kids for four hours to allow for “date night”. Though it greatly worries my mom that it’s a “long day for Elliot”, I beg to differ. For one, I don’t remember anything much before 3 and for two, he gets t eat pizza and watch movies with other kids; I think he’ll handle it just fine. Besides, it’s one 4 hour period. And it costs way less than an actual sitter.

We’re going to Osaka to partake in a literal ton of fried rice and mad Japanese cooking skills. I actually feel full just thinking about the sheer amount of food they give you so I may just order rice and a veggie roll and be done with it. I always leave that place feeling like I am sweating MSG out of my pores and for once, I’d like to avoid that, regardless of how damn good it tastes. Though Ash and I always have from Elliot’s bedtime until ours, it’ll be nice to feel unshackled by the kid for once, especially with the upcoming Second Kid and all. It weighs heavily, I tell you.

So that’s how we’re kicking off our weekend. What are you doing these next two days?