Sort of a weekend recap

I joked, when I first got my Honda Element, that it was going to come in handy some day when we’d have children spilling various substances on the seats and floors. The seats are made out of an easily washable material and the floors are:element

So on Thursday, when we picked up Elliot at 4:15, after our movie, and he was feeling not so hot, this advantage was fortuitous. Well, it WOULD have been if he’d actually puked on the floor and not himself, in the car seat. UGH. I instantly regretted giving him that ham and cheese Lunchable. The poor thing. While Ash ran the bath and got the Boy cleaned up, I worked to de-stink the seat. What a chore. But I got it all cleaned and then tended to Elliot, who seemed shaky from not eating dinner. He had some applesauce and not five minutes later, the kitchen counter had that same apple sauce. Bath # 2 commenced. And then he woke up on Friday morning as if nothing had ever been wrong.

Kids are weird like that.  Elliot and I made a Starbucks run and then stopped by the “Christmas lights” park to hang out a bit. We shared a mini vanilla scone and then he ran around like, well, like a toddler.running

There’s a bit of a pond behind the landscaping of the park and we saw something – a turtle maybe? – poke its head out to get a look at us. Elliot quieted down when we saw the movement and it came closer, poking up again. This time, we got a better look and it was actually an otter. How neat! Elliot was less impressed than I was but he still had fun. And Daddy got to sleep in (lucky bastard).

On Saturday, we went in search of a new kiddie pool. I was looking for one of those hard plastic kid pools with the built in slide. Don’t ask me why this is what I wanted; it just seemed right. So we went to Toys R Us, only to find that during a storm last week, the air conditioners had been blown clean off the roof and crashed to the ground, breaking into pieces. Needless to say, the store was closed. Alas, we had to resign ourselves to WalMart, the bane of my very existence. But we settled on this pool which worked out very well.relaxin

Ash and I made margaritas – many many margaritas – and played in the pool for a good three hours. I’m happy to say I actually got some sun; I was looking pretty pasty for a Florida girl. Saturday was, by far, one of the best weekend days we’ve had in a while. I don’t know if it was the pool or the hamburgers or the liquor or the steak and mashed potato dinner, but everyone felt really happy.

Sunday, being Ash’s birthday, we really did… nothing. I wanted to make him breakfast but he’s not too keen on eggs or pancakes so he went without, went to play Magic for a few hours, and then we all went to Osaka. I think it would be really interesting if I found out I was pregnant this month since I drank my weight in margaritas and then ate a literal ton of sushi. Go out with a bang, you know? I kind of feel bad about not blogging anything for the fourth but it doesn’t feel the same as it used to. I already appreciate my country and I didn’t get to see any real fireworks so it didn’t feel like much of a holiday. Maybe I am a bad American.

How was your weekend? If it was three days, how did you utilize your free time?