Jelly beans make my brain function

BUSY. VERY BUSY. Yesterday was insane with summer assignments for TAs being made and sent out. On top of that, I have about four projects that are on-going and tedious. Throw in some other unexpected things and god, I was exhausted by day’s end. Oh, and did I mention I had only slept four hour the night before? I guess it was my fault; I stayed up watching Rock of Love Bus.  /eyeroll. We also watched Bolt, which was actually pretty good, even if Miley Cyrus was a voice actor in it. UGH. But really, a decent watch. Tale of Despereaux should be in the mail this afternoon so I shall soon report on it as well. We’re on an animation kick, I suppose.

In other news, I am still Twittering, despite the fact that most people burn out on it. I have recently started following some interesting people: “Tony Stark”, of Stark Inndustries :), Jon Favreau, Eddie Izzard and Neil Gaiman. It’s making reading Twitter a whole lot more diverse. Plus, I am following a bunch of women who run a comics blog and  some people posing as Nightwingand Jason Todd (the second Robin, btw.) It’s funny and amusing and I need these little diversions to get me through my days.

I have sat on those two paragraphs all morning and now it is one o’clock – I have gotten no further. Remember how I was saying how bored I was about a week ago? Boredom lurks no more; I’m slammed and this is all I can give to you. I make a lot of excuses, don’t I? Coming soon – perhaps talk about making babies and naming babies (on Swistle’s request) and I also feel like talking about the smell of make-up, this cold snap, and non-fiction. See you soon.