You dirty rat…

Oh. Hell. Yes.

Trailer for “Public Enemies”

When I was in high school, I developed a sort of obsession with the mafia. I guess it had something to do with the kind of guys in the mafia: Bugsy Seigel and Lucky Luciano, the kind of guys who got what they wanted and would let nothing or no one stand in their way. I entrenched myself in movies like Goodfellas, Godfather, Bugsy, and The Untouchables. I loved everything about it. My favorite book was about Virginia Hill, Ben Seigel’s girl. This is around the time I, like a lot of people, started to feel like I was born in the wrong era. How fun would it have been to live in the Roaring Twenties. I took images of James Cagney and color photocopied them up to 11 by 17s and hung them on my wall. I was really quite consumed by the entire concept.

So when I knew they were making a movie about John Dillinger, I was pretty excited. And starring Johnny Depp? AND Christian Bale. Sweet Lord, they know how to bring in both men and women, don’t they? Well, I for one am excited about this movie. I love old-timey things and who doesn’t love a good gun fight?  Speaking of gun fights, has anyone seen 3:10 to Yuma? It’s way the hell down there on our Netflix queue but I definitely want to see it.

Well, this is all I can offer you today – the trailer renders me speechless anyway.