Craptastic weekend

Dearest Reader, I owe you more than mindless Best Buy complaining. My story of woe with them has become more complicated but even I am sick to death of hearing about it. The problem is, however, that I didn’t have the most pleasant weekend so all I have are negative things for this entry. You can handle it though, right? You guys are tough, you have the fortitude to take what I can throw at you. If you want something happier, click on “Swistle” in my blogroll – she just became an aunt!

So yes, my weekend. Well, it began when I got off work Friday afternoon and we had plans with a couple old friends to meet for dinner. Then Ash was going to go with them to play cards. Dinner was good. Drew and I chatted about comics and Ash and Jeff prattled on about Street Fighter 4 and so forth. When it was just little E and me, I put him to bed and did NOTHING. Nothing at all and I enjoyed every last moment of it. Well, until my friend called and had to cancel our Saturday road trip due to illness. Everyone is getting sick these days so perhaps it was only a matter of time. Ash and company returned around 1 but were up until 3. From 1 to 3, I couldn’t sleep.

As an aside, my Saturday evening plans were already canceled due to babysitter complications. Multiple babysitters but overall, I was OK with not going to dinner because of the money saved.

Saturday morning, Elliot awoke by 7 and was not exactly happy. He has all of his teeth now but some are still trying to push on to their full extent and they HURT. He’s drooling, feverish and CRANKY. Jeff and Drew left by 11. Ash was tired and moody. We pretty much didn’t do anything except took a nap when Elliot did (oh and he slept 3 HOURS). Ash wanted to be out of town by 6 because he was going to Jacksonville to hang out with Jeff and Drew again. Now in his defense, he and Jeff have been friends since the start of college and Jeff lives in NY so they never get to see each other. But by this time, I was feeling all sorry for myself, what with all my plans going to shit and Ash getting to do whatever he damn well pleased. Which was fine until I couldn’t. So heap the lack of social interaction with adults on top of Elliot being a whiny PITA and I was a pissed off mama.

I kept promising myself I’d have a glass of wine when Elliot went to bed. I did, I said I deserved it. So it was about 7 and I went into the fridge but alas, I guess my mom and I finished that bottle the couple of weekends ago that she was here. Sigh.

So I drank a frappucino I had procured after my brief jaunt out that afternoon that I was allowed and put on a movie while I cleaned. Overall, an enjoyable evening. Especially because earlier in the day, I was doing my budget, feeling down about it, but then remembered I had pulled out 40 bucks to go to dinner and pay the babysitter. But since that was out, I squandered 33 of it on comics. I know I know, I should have saved it. But you don’t understand – it’s a sickness. A compulsion.

Sunday I was on my own until Ash returned around 6 and he was ill. Another round of cold I suppose. Needless to say, my weekend was lackluster; I didn’t do a whole lot of fun things and now I am in my office, gathering my thoughts – though I’m a bit fuzzy – and trying to make it through the day, which is actually slipping away from me at an alarming rate. I have only crossed one item off my to-do list! So, what did you do this weekend and what are you doing next weekend? On Friday, we’re seeing Watchmen!!