Turning the tide

Before we even get started today, take a look at this My Little Pony mod set on Flickr. This person has a lot of free time! And creativity.

Anyway, welcome to Monday! Welcome to a brand new week in which I, at least, feel motivated and well, genuinely happy, for the first time since about maybe mid-January. With all of the illness jumping from one family member to the other and not working out due to said illness and just all around blah (plus football ended, it’s cold, etc…) I have not wanted to DO anything. I even said to Ash the other day that I am more excited my parents are coming next weekend – not so much to see them – but because it’ll give me a reason, a motivator, to clean the house. Sad, right?

So, my weekend was downright enjoyable. Since Ash was out playing cards Friday night, I cleaned my kitchen and put away all the clutter that had been accumulating on the counter and the dining table. Then, as it was only about 8, I took a bath. It was then about quarter to nine but I didn’t feel like reading or watching any movies. So I got in bed. And I watched HGTV for maybe 2 hours before drifting off to sleep. Sometimes, you just need to allot time to just chill out. And the extra sleep was good for me because the next morning, I awoke shortly before 8 and little Elliot slept in until 9! I did, however, think that was kind of odd and may ask the pediatrician about his sleepiness. He was also super cranky so I am glad I had made myself an appointment for a pedicure around 1:30. It was a nice place – my boss gave me a gift certificate for Christmas – and the guy was talkative and interesting to boot. I enjoyed my time very much. We later took our two mile walk and then ordered pizza. I know I know. But I worked out on the elliptical after that. I earned it, dammit.

On Sunday, I awoke pretty happy but quickly realized I was in a bad place. I felt like everything/one was out to get me. After I talked Ash into going to Cracker Barrel, I reached my limit. I was mad about all the same old crap but we talked and I finally felt better about all the things that had been stressing me out. Then we all took a nap and when we awoke, it was like a new day had dawned. So we went to Tom Brown and walked on the trails. The weather was beautiful and I loved being out in the woods, feeling so alone yet tranquil, even knowing that a mere quarter mile in any direction there were other walkers and bikers.


We went home and printed our Bruster’s Sweet Rewards coupon and headed to that side of town for some yummy ice cream. I also worked out later. I think you can eat what you want so long as it’s balanced, right?

And now it is Monday and I am getting my stuff done! I have already crossed three things off my large to-do list. The question is: what will I accomplish next??

What did you do this weekend? Also, if you have not done so, look 2-3 posts down to my 1000th post give-away. Contest ends today!