1,000th post

That’s right, I am reaching a milestone today. One thousand. Seems like a lot; at the same time as seeming like not that many entries, considering I wrote on this blog for the very first time in August of 2006. I guess that was two and a half years ago. Geez, has it really been that long?

I began to keep a journal from a very early age (early enough that one of my first entries included the raging desire to receive a first generation Nintendo). This morphed into more personal writing in books (many many books that I keep under lock and key, as to avoid embarrassment)  until the internet became a bigger, more popular medium. In 2001, I opened an account with the former Diary-X. Due to the Great Server Crash of 2006, I lost all my entries and immediately switched to WordPress, never looking back. I had an open mind and hope that I could someday rise up in the legion of bloggers and make something of it.

Well, I didn’t become a Dooce or even a NotMartha or All&Sundry. But I get a steady amount of hits. Someone out there likes me, you really like me. I once had a desire to quit altogether but I realized that I can’t. I ‘m too addicted to it, to the fact that I know once I get to work, I will have that brief time to spend with my blog. And checking my blogroll. It’s too integral to my days now.

In honor of my 1000th post, I am doing a give-away. I can’t offer you much but it will include:  $10.00 Starbucks gift card, homemade chocolate chip cookies (mine are the best, or so Ash claims) and I’ll throw in a couple cool magnets I have. I seem to collect them then run out of space on my fridge. All you have to do is leave me a comment. I will draw the winner on Monday, February 9th. Package will be sent soon as I can, probably Thursday of next week.

Happy commenting!