Bowls, playgrounds, hacking

What do these things have in common? Well, my weekend recap, of course. Friday night, Ash went out to play cards so – against what I had planned to do – I made dinner and sat my ass on the couch. I was going to clean but I wasn’t feeling the mop and broom. Instead, I put on my PJs, made some Earl Grey tea, and watched Dark Knight. I never seem to tire of it.

Saturday, there was some kind of pre-release thing for Magic so Ash was gone from about noon until 9:30 (good god, I am a very nice wife, eh?). Elliot was pretty cranky for the most part but we went to the park with a friend and her daughter so I got a bit of a break from his whiny ass. Though, he was suddenly much better yesterday. Of course then, I woke up with a cough that had radiated down to my chest, so each time I breathed, I was forced to muster this consumptive like hack that by god, took all my energy to produce. Wow. I slept a lot and trudged my way through the day, all zombie-like. It was not pretty.

But then it was 7 and Elliot went to bed, we were in the midst of a pretty good Superbowl (though my Cards could have won…) and before I knew it, I had read all the graphic novels I had procured (I’m a sad clown now… wait, get it? Oh lordy, what have I become?), and it was time for bed.

Not the most thrilling weekend but surely you all did way more exciting stuff. Oh, do tell!