Vindicated, in a way

Let’s see, where did we leave off? Ah yes, I was waiting for the manager at my local Best Buy to call me back. And he did, within about 20 minutes. He called the central service place and looked up my records. Apparently, this Harrell Appliance Repair wrote notes to Best Buy that they went out to my house on the 20th, last Friday, and checked my water pressure. They claim it is “very low.” Now, a.) I was never contacted by said company saying they were coming and b.) this means they were tromping around on my property unbeknownst to me and c.) why didn’t they leave a card or a note or something? I semi-argued (in a nice way) with the manager saying since I never saw them, what makes him believe it happened? Though, he had a good point: why should he believe either of us? Except they’re a company who works third-party for Best Buy so he, by default, went with that.

At this point, Rob, the manager, was getting exasperated with me. I could tell. He was ready to get me off the phone at any cost. Well, I was fed up too so I called my own damn plumber. This was the very last thing I wanted to do because I bought their effing service plan, did I not? Well, I trust my plumber so I rung him up and he sent his brother – also a Master Plumber – out around 3 PM.

Gary, the plumber, put a pressure gauge on my outside spigot and checked the pressure – 96 psi – which is actually TOO high but there’s no possible way in all hell that the other company could have said it was low. I watched Gary check it with my own two eyes. Oh, and my neighbour was standing by us as well. Next, Gary went inside and begin pulling things out. The feed line from the dishwasher to the sink had a ripped gasket and was all crinkled up under there. Oh, guess who pulled at that shit out last time they came to my house? Oh wait, that’s right: it was the moron from Best Buy. That alone was not the problem. By power of deduction (Gary also gave us a new hose) we realized that it’s not letting enough water in and do you know what causes that? Oh, a little electronic solenoid on the bottom of the dishwasher. The DEFECTIVE dishwasher. My wonderful plumber wrote me up a big long invoice with all his findings and now, I need to get in touch with SOMEONE who can help me with the next step.

This has been such a draining experience for me. I have gone around in so many circles without getting anywhere and never mind the fact that a local company falsified notes to them about ME. I think that’s probably the part that fires me up the most. But I felt alright when my plumber said that SO many companies in Tallahassee hire unlicensed plumbers. He said if BB doesn’t give me a new dishwasher, I should tell them he said that and he’ll report them.

SO, I am writing it all out now – minus the expletives – so that it is all ready for whomever needs to take a look at my story. Wish me luck.

And I promise I’ll try to stop using my plight of the dishwasher as blog fodder from now on.

Happy Friday!

The Best Buy Saga – explicit

Look, I wasn’t going to blog about this because – God – who wants another whiny post? But I think I’ve reached the end of my rope. I’m actually past the anger phase. It doesn’t compel me as it once did; I’ve reached a level of zen wherein I can handle anyone and anything Best Buy related that comes my way. This has gone on for all too long.

February 2007 – I am pregnant and we buy a new dishwasher as part of this “getting house ready for baby” scheme. Go to Best Buy and purchase upper-middle range Whirlpool dishwasher and four year service plan.

Blah blah pregnant, blah, baby born, blah blah, tree falls on house, baby grows up, has first birthday, we’re inflicted with poison ivy and dishwasher begins to have problems.

Problem number one – August 2008 – Bowls come out with a strange brown crust on them. Except, we pre-wash all dishes before putting them in. Silverware on left hand side of rack still have soap on them.

Throughout September and October, the Geek Squad man comes out two times (I have to take time off work to meet him) and the first time, has no idea. Guesses it’s a valve but has to come back with it. Replaces said valve a week later because he thinks it’s not getting the correct amount of water during the rinse cycle. The thing works for another month or so.

December 2008 – Exact same inept repair man comes out. This is the third time, technically. Cannot find problem. Nothing is blocked, water still seems sparse. Says he’ll call Whirlpool and get back to us.

3 weeks later – I call the Geek Squad call center to find out why repair man has not gotten back to us. Phone monkey tries to call his cell. She cannot reach him. Sends an email, promises reply in 3-5 business days.

January 2009 – No word from Best Buy. Washing dishes by hand is becoming tedious and annoying. Wouldn’t be except we PAID for a goddamn dishwasher, right? Call service center near end of month, get supervisor on phone. He apologizes, reads the notes from all past calls. Geek Squad guy had written in his notes that he “gave up, must be their plumbing.” Really awesome of him to tell me this. Also? Service center jockey could have mentioned it. Service center manger writes an email to manager at our local store, asking for help.

February 2009 – No reply from local store manager. I call one afternoon and ask to speak to a manger, idiot claims there are none in the store. I hang up, call again. Idiot says sure, he’ll transfer me. Transferring click, then a dial tone. One more time I call, and the same idiot claims they have no managers who handle appliances/service plans. Hangs up on me.

I call the service center AGAIN, get different supervisor who says he will call a local appliance repair place to give a “Second opinion”, in case it is our plumbing, since we have the service plan and they have failed us. Info is faxed to David Quick appliance. I hear nothing. Call twice and leave messages.

Last Thursday – Call service center AGAIN, they cancel the call to Quick, set up ANOTHER second opinion call with Harrell Appliance repair. I hear nothing, call and get a message. I still have heard nothing.

Now, can you see why I feel so incredibly exhausted? I don’t even give two shits whether anyone who works at Best Buy lives or dies at this point. I just want a stupid fucking dishwasher that works. I thought maybe I would try it again last night – just for kicks – and it did the same thing. I don’t suppose it’s our plumbing, since it has worked on and off and we haven’t had any issues with our sink or faucet. Though, I am willing to accept that as the problem, if and when any reliable repair man can confirm this.

From now on, I am buying my appliance at Sears. Best Buy can go to hell. I cannot believe the poor manner in which they have handled all of this. I mean, I know it’s retail and I myself have been on that end. I KNOW how this all goes down and what they think of customers. But honestly? I have been very calm and casual with them. Never angry or shouting. The thing is, if they can’t offer service on their appliances that actually means anything, then why offer it? The tech was incompetent. He was a moron. I can’t believe they even hired him to fix – let alone be in the presence – of dishwashers.

So this it; as soon as the store opens, I will try to see if they can get me in contact with the corporate office. In a very nice way, I am going to tell them to go fuck themselves and get me a new fucking dishwasher.

Suck it, Best Buy.

Lenten sacrifice

Admittedly, I am a lapsed Catholic.  Either out of laziness or sheer lack of desire to attend church, I have not been a “practicing” Catholic for some ten years now. However, when Lent rolls around, I feel compelled to give up something. It is a test I want to take on, to see how much power I really have over myself, my desires. Each year I am faced with deciding what to give up. Back when I was far more overweight and a compulsive eater, I made it imperative to fast on Fridays. It was difficult – a true sacrifice. I felt weak and sweaty and people around me would be eating pizza and sandwiches and I had to merely stare and lust after their precious food. I have since overcome my need to eat like that so I feel that fasting on Fridays is not a sufficient sacrifice.

So then, what to give up? Some give up fast food (I already don’t eat it) and others, chocolate or TV. These are inadequate as I don’t do any of these enough to matter. I’m leaning towards giving up reading fanfiction. I know perhaps this seems silly but you must understand (and maybe you do) how addictive it can be. Say you ship (support, etc.) a certain set of characters from your favorite TV show, comic, movie… The fanfiction universe can pair them up, write out the scenes you would envision if you could. It’s a guilty pleasure, no doubt, and I think this might be my offering. I can honestly say, it’s going to be hard. I am half-way through this one that is really riveting and damn, it’s going to suck knowing it’s not available for my viewing for the next 40 days and 40 nights.


(Image courtesy of

Movies and Music

Sorry for the lack of post on Friday. I sat here for a very long time, looking at that blank entry and nothing would come. So I did work instead. Boring, I know.

So, the Oscars. I watched almost all of it; I missed Hugh’s supposedly wonderful intro, because we were finishing up Burn After Reading, which should have just been titled “Clusterfuck.” But anyway, onto the show. I was fairly impressed with the new way that they’re doing the best supporting and leading actor/actress nominations. I came in on supporting actress and I am digging the five previous winners coming out and addressing the nominee directly. Very cool idea. Now, in terms of awards, well, I just don’t think I “get” Slumdog. I guess I’d better see it. But things I was happy about: Wall-E, Daniel Craig (!!), and the Academy stepped up and did right and gave Heath the Best Supporting Actor. I would have been supremely disappointed if they had not. I mean, have you seen Dark Knight? Have you? There’s something about the way he portrayed the Joker that forces itself into your subconscious. It bores a hole deep inside you, leaves a mark. That is a good actor.

However, dearest Academy, WTF was his bit in the memorial montage? My mother posited that it was because his death was not due to “natural causes.” Neither was Chris Farley and I have a vivid image of him in the montage that year. Perhaps his family asked not to be a part. But they seemed a like a very genuinely good bunch of people. So what was it? Inquiring minds want to know. I felt snubbed for him. Though, a friend just told me he was in last year’s, that doesn’t make sense. Did I miss that? Wasn’t that a little, er,soon? I guess I wouldn’t be happy either way. but I felt like it was owed to us since he got the award this year.


I took some of your music recommendations last week, went a little download crazy and here’s how I feel:

Adele – Yes!

Like the voice because it’s unique and the songs are catchy

The Weepies – Yes!

Good for when I feeling in a mood for the slow. But very good.

Goldfrapp – where have you been all my life???

That’s all I got for now from your recs. For some (Killers, Travis, etc…) I already had some but need to check out their new material. I appreciate everyone commenting on that thread – sometimes we all need a little help.


My weekend was fairly busy. I cleaned Saturday morning and that always cheers me up. I had girl’s night later on and we pretty much just ate and chatted, as girls are wont to do. I don’t know if you know this but when a bunch of women who have had kids get together, there’s a lot of talk about breasts, and milk, and all kinds of funky things. I am never aware of it at the time but later, I will suddenly realize how odd that seems. On Sunday, we lunched at Chilis then walked around the Tallahassee mall, which – oh my lord – is dying a slow burning death and no one gives a crap. It was completely dead. I tried, then, to go to this comic shop across the street but it is, of course, closed on Sunday. Foiled again. Luckily, one of the others was open and I picked up something and got some new dice, for Magic. Someone swiped a couple of Ash’s when they were playing and they happened to be my dice. Ugh.

So anyway, tell me about your weekend. Oscar thoughts?


There are a few “secrets” I sort of stow away. Not necessarily because I am embarrassed by them but because we all have these instances. For example, I once went to an Nsync concert. Sadly, I used to be majorly obsessive about Justin Timberlake. This was, mind you, in his pre-bringing-sexy-back stage. Those damn front runner fans drove me crazy. I wanted to tie him up and keep him in my room way before any of them. Er, I mean…

A-HEM! Anyway, on Digg this morning there was this article about the Golden Age of Wrestling. I was a pretty big fan when I was a kid. I had a Hulk Hogan t-shirt – the yellow one that was already torn around the edges. The 7-11 near my house – that my father and I rode our bicycles to – sold trading cards with pictures of wrestlers on them. The ones I cherished most? Killer Bees and British Bulldog. I also watched the cartoon religiously.

Move ahead about, oh, 10 years, and I was a freshman in college. Pro Wrestling was becoming popular again with stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock and the resurgence of legends like Hulk Hogan, Macho Man and even Ric Flair – woooo! I became enthralled with the hype, the story lines, the lights, the crowds, and of course, the ridiculously hot guys in tight tight outfits. (Isn’t that right there admission enough? Oh no, let’s dig further.) I never missed a Monday night. I was a fan of both WWF and WCW, since their story lines were different and they had quality actors/athletes on both sides. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?


Ahh Kevin Nash. AKA Big Sexy (also, Super Shredder in the 2nd Ninja Turtles movie) My sister and I were big time into Kevin. When he and Scott Hall – scott-hall

started nWo, man were we ever the biggest fangirls. Geezus. If nWo weren’t on a Monday night, I’m talking serious devastation.  There were others in WCW – Steiners, Buff Bagwell, Sting and even Lex Luger when he was trying to revive his career. We were followers of all.

But our true allegiance lay with the WWF and mainly, Degeneration X: HHH, Chyna and of course, Shawn Michaels.


Sigh, drool. Ok, moving on. The pinnacle of all of this was when we began ordering Pay-per-view events and even attended a few live ones too. I think I saw two Monday Night Raws, one WCW event and a Thursday night Smackdown. There were others in WWF we loved too:



Bret Hart


It was an illness, an incurable disease and we were subject to Monday nights (and Thursdays and some Sundays) as any good, adoring fans should be. Admittedly, I also owned a 2 foot tall talking Undertaker doll and a cardboard stand up of Bret.

It’s funny to me now to look back and see how crazy we were about something that, now, I find incredibly silly. A soap opera for grown men. Also, kind of rednecky. But it occurred during a time in my life where I was still trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted. It filled the gaps, the times when I’d otherwise be depressed or mindlessly studying for classes or – more often than not – drinking. It’s fun to remember but know that I have moved beyond it. I am the type of person who needs something to be very into. It’s part of my personality. Lately, as you have figured out, it’s Batman comics (Joker, you’re my hero) and I think without these “hobbies” we’re merely shells of the humans we could be. Instead of waking, working, eating, and sleeping, we insert little jewels in the in-between. Elliot’s giggles, a scritch on a doggie belly, a 30 minute graphic novel read… all tiny bits of my life that make it all worth living.

Taking it one step too far

I don’t know how possible it is to influence a mere 18 month old boy but he did something yesterday and then, when I found out the details, I put two and two together.

Elliot bit a kid yesterday. He was apparently sitting next to him, messing with the kid’s hair and then he bit his head. They claimed that he broke the skin but I am not entirely sure how damaging it was. Ash called me when he picked the Boy up and sounded rather distraught. However, when I spoke with his teacher this morning, it seemed to be not that bad. Supposedly, this other kid is being mean to the other children in their class. So, Elliot hits that one kid. I think I have given him a Batman complex! He seems to be “saving” the other kids from the bad one, the villain shall we say.

Granted, there’s a lot of Batman things floating around our house. Someone even gave him a book with sounds and crap for his birthday. Maybe, somehow someway, he understands.

I know I’m being silly here and there’s no way this is possible but I was amused by my discovery nonetheless. I know this is part of it all; teaching your children the correct behaviour, not indulging certain inherent behaviours. I know males are naturally “more aggressive” but that doesn’t mean they will always beat up on whoever makes them angry. You don’t want a bully but at the same time, I don’t want him to be so passive that he’s the kid getting pushed down every day, getting his toys/lunch money/whatever else stolen from him.

So I guess we need to hone his skills, make him a good little toddler but not stifle him to the point of passivity. It’s tough with boys. They say girls are more difficult because of all the drama and emotions but think of all the horrible things that men have done in this world? That’s a heavy burden for any parent. Ugh.

And just for fun:389842-26796-batman_super

Musically inept

Ok my beloved blog readers, I need your help. I am completely at a loss when it comes to new music. The last thing I downloaded was Kenny Loggins so as you can clearly see, I need some help. (Perhaps mentally, but that’s an entirely other entry.) So, what have YOU been listening to? It doesn’t have to be new necessarily but I am in need of an updated playlist.

The bleak dreary weekend

Yes, it rained ALL weekend. However, we still made the best of it. My parents got into town around 7 PM Friday evening and we put the Boy to sleep and got Chili’s take-out. (If you’re playing along at home, this was the first time I took steps this weekend to clog up my arteries/add on a few extraneous pounds.)

Saturday morning we all – minus Ash who was sleeping – drove up to Dothan to do a few things in my grandparent’s house. It’s awfully strange to be there after the occupants are dead. It all sort of looks the same but the items no longer have an attachment to the people. Some of them reminded me of my grandparents but they were just objects; pots, pans, books, bills in cabinets, sofas, old paintings. Just… stuff. The house was different too. After the water damage done by a leaking water filtration system, my parents’ friend – and handyman – went up and redid the cabinets and laid new carpet. The house looked a lot newer and hopefully this means it will sell and my father can be done with this mess. My grandfather has been dead one year and 2 months and this is still going on. With little help from his brothers and sister, who knows when we’ll finally have the estate sale, etc.

Ash sent me a beautiful tulip and lily arrangement but it was funny because he gave me the same one in 2005. He swore up and down he had not but I drudged up the pictures on the server and behold. Not that I minded, since tulips are my favorite. Pictures to follow. I got paid for our hibachi dinner and a movie so that was our Valentine’s Day. It was slightly less impactful with my parents there but if it weren’t for them, we probably would not have gotten a babysitter and gone out anyway.

Like I said, I didn’t really pay attention to what I ate this weekend so we had candy at the movies and then this morning, I told my father we could have whatever he wanted for breakfast, since it is his birthday. He requested Tasty Pastry where I indulged in a Bavarian Cream donut. Guh. But, I just noticed their site is being redesigned. Anyway, my parents left by 9:45 and I was off to work. Oh, and I think all Mondays should begin with coffee, pastry and a nice leisurely newspaper reading.

So, that was my boring weekend recap. Please, indulge me and tell me all about your wonderful weekend. Anyone get lucky on Valentine’s Day? ;)