*Attention* I’m actually going to talk about Elliot

I feel like I have been remiss in updating about the Boy, since we’ve gotten into this easy sort of routine and I’ve become more and more comfortable just being a mom. It’s not that every little victory isn’t something momentous, but I don’t freak out about them as much and run to tell someone.

SO. He is 16 months and two weeks old, give or take 2 days (2 days exactly actually). This is proving to be a pretty fun age, for the most part. He is steadily walking and running now, though he tends to pick up speed like a snowball rolling down a hill and finally flops onto whatever his target is (be it the couch, the dog, etc.) In fact, he’s taking much more interest in the dogs and tries to get them to chase him around, which really just makes them slightly nervous and they end up running away. In the mornings, he opens their kennel doors, lets them in, and then closes said doors, then I come by and secure them. He’s my little helper!

He’s still sleeping like a champ, loves bathtime and brushes his own teeth now, though I do it first then let him finish. And speaking of teeth, I think he has – wait a sec – 16 now. Not all are fully in but they’re above the gumline. His first two upper molars were a tough time but the others came in with nary a whine. His initial bout of teething at 6-8 months was far worse.

Lately, he’s been on a vegetable veto. For a while there, he was eating carrots, peas, green beans, and mixed veggies at every meal. Now he just pushes them around. I admit, I have been fairly lax about his dinners lately, mostly due to my sickness. He’s typically getting: a string cheese stick, some sort of fruit (this week it has been blackberries), some lower fat chicken nuggets, and some kind of starch like goldfish or crackers. Because these things I know he won’t refuse. Once I feel like eating food again, then maybe I’ll go back to making healthy meals for him as well.

I’m loving this age where he adequately follows directions, wants me to read him books, and is generally happy. If and when he does cry – for those pathetic little toddler tantrums do happen – I try to do my best to either ignore them if he’s overreacting or get down on his level and explain to him why we don’t do X. Sure, you may think he’s too young to understand but within a week of his first daycare report saying he has been “Thinking “no” is a game to keep doing the activity and Elliot has not been listeing well.”, he has totally turned it around. Something is getting through to his little brain, I know it.

In summation, this is awesome – far more awesome than I could ever even imagine – and I can’t wait for him to do more and know more and become more and more like a real person. Sure, there are times when I miss his infant days. I liked breastfeeding and the smell of his head and the crazy, jerky movements he made with his tentacles arms and legs. But this stage is fun too, and very rewarding.


Eating mashed potatoes at his day care Christmas party.