Up and at them

::Raises hand:: I’m here! Present! Oooh, ooh, over here! I’m heeere. That used to be me on the first day of classes. I was the kid who sat up straight, hands folded, and when called for roll, I shot my arm up as high as I could and let it be known that I had, indeed, arrived on time for the first day. Surely, you could say I was an overachiever. Or maybe a goody-goody. I got that a lot. But in the end, I think it pays off: I was here at 7:45 this morning, which is the first day of the Spring semester.

There’s not the same air of excited nervousness in Spring as there is in Fall. The freshmen are now all jaded and cocky and the rest of the students realize that they’re mired in the middle of the school year and it’s back to the same old grind. But I still feel renewed; new semester, new beginnings, new chances to improve on my job and be better than I have before.

And now, because my brain is rather scattered, some bullets.

  • We got a letter from our friend who is in jail. That kind of warmed my heart a bit.
  • I have had cramps for 3 days now. (??)
  • I added a pic to The Showroom (guh; nom nom nom)
  • Elliot’s newest word is “uh oh” and he says it ALL the time. But it’s so cute!
  • We’re going to the circus tomorrow night!
  • Freshmen feel so entitled and I don’t understand why.
  • I’m making my online students keep a blog this semester. I’m giving them the option of WordPress or Blogger; I hope they choose WP!
  • I’m super busy!