Apologies for my absense, Heroes

**Hack koff** Yeah, I got siiick. On Friday, I had a sore throat but I ignored it. Saturday, Sunday, pushed on through the lump in my throat. When I coughed, I knew I was sick because I could taste the ick. When I woke up yesterday, Ash basically made me stay home to rest. Mommies can’t get sick; everyone knows this. So Ash took the Boy to daycare and I promptly returned to bed where I watched about 30 minutes of Sportscenter before falling asleep. Then I got up and ate soup. Then I slept. Then I went to the grocery store. And it was relatively empty. 3:00 on a weekday is the time to shop, people. Take heed! Then I exercised.

Brief aside: exercising.

After reading about it on Sundry’s site, I bought into the hype of30 Day Shred. After having completed 3 successful days of this DVD so far, I can see why it will totally kick your ass into shape. My thighs HURT. My abs ache like I’m going to throw up. My arms? Jelly. But my energy level? On the up. And my confidence? Way up. I haven’t lost any weight yet but unlike other workouts, I feel like there is a goal to be attained and it is within reach. Sundry mentions that she’s seeing some obvious changes in her muscle tone, which is definitely something I am looking for, especially in the abdominal – retains-baby-fat region. She has a good point that this is a good dvd to work into your existing exercise/eating routine. Once this initial phase of my entire body feeling like it was pummeled wears off, I am going to pick up the elliptical again and try to really lose weight. (Sundry had only being doing the dvd for, what I can understan – 2 weeks or so and had lost 2 pounds.) I’m looking for the full 20 because that would put me back at my wedding/honeymoon weight which was, while not being the lowest I’d like, pretty damn thin, for me.

Ok, veering away from my fat, let’s talk about Heroes. Season 3 premiered last night and boy, was it good. I love how this show will answer 2 questions but ask 7 more. I haven’t gotten into a TV show in quite some time but this one has totally reeled me in. I love/hate characters. I feel endeared to them. I don’t want and I do want certain things to happen. It’s sort of nice to be so involved in something like this. Although, the pre-show hype last night was a bit much. Ash was sort of disappointed that it seems like his favorite character, Hiro, is a fan favorite. He’s now decided that Ando is his favorite. Me? I like HRG, the Cheerleader’s Dad*. At first, I hated him because I thought he was bad but then he turned out to be both good and bad, which we all are.

He’s also sort of, well, cute in a hot older Dad way. I guess you’d have to watch it to know what I mean.

But let me tell you what weirded me out. Ash and I were in bed last night, about to go to sleep and Ash was blabbing about how his glasses broke. And he says, “Maybe I’ll get some horn-rimmed glasses, like Noah Bennett.” And I’m thinking, did I say what I was thinking about him out loud? Creepy. I guess maybe after knowing someone for as long as I’ve know Ash, you start reading each others’ minds.

But anyway, that’s what’s been going on around our end. I’ll be writing soon about the inevitability of teething, Elliot’s meal plan as of late, and some other randomness in Tally. TTYL, ppl!

*AKA – Noah Bennett. If you watch, you know. If not, I don’t suppose it really matters. And now I just feel like a Heroes geek.