Tiny annoyances

  • My Burt’s Bees lip balm tin is incredibly hard to open
  • The medication I am on for PI is very drying. It dries everything, including my eyes so wearing contacts this week is OUT.
  • I have ten dollars. Until Thursday, midnight.
  • Elliot’s vacillating mood/fever spikes
  • Tom Brady = out for the season. ONLY when I draft him would this happen
  • Fence = still out of commission. House = still covered in tarp
  • I am going to get Elliot now because he’s still a mess.

Days 144-148 – x365

Geo – friend in college

One of our gang of Brothers club-goers, you were very slight and soft-spoken but kind hearted, generous, and I will remember your place next to the House of Choas.

Christy – Geo’s friend and roommate

Another of the gang, I remember you when that first Dido radio hit comes on, because you played it in your apartment that time, before it got real popular.

Tommy – friend from the club

Lived a refined lifestyle, drank crown and royal. You never seemed to like Drew all that much but we all knew you were banging him anyway, on the DL.

Molly – breastfeeding class lady

That one thing you said during class, about women putting baby to breast during Katrina instead of aching for formula, really struck a chord in me, now and forever.

Heidi – Childbirth class instructor

I think I learned to at least keep in mind the techniques of childbirth during class. But soon as the hard waves came, it was all out the window.