Paying it forward, a cyclical nature

I am sorry that the people who came here after typing both “poon handler” and “Boy doing massage in hands…” did not, in fact, find what they were looking for. In fact, I seriously doubt they have any interest in the mind of a mom and University lackey who can’t, for the life of her, make something out of this damned English degree. In a nut shell, I think that goes for almost everyone who comes by my site. Hardly anyone comments, though I get plenty of hits. It may be my downer attitude or my special way of whining like a little girl whenever the chance arises. Which is just about every single entry. But either way, I’m thinking about a way to get lurkers to show themselves and to perhaps draw more readers. That’s right: I’m going to do a Swistle special. I’m going to host a Pay It Forward contest. The general idea is here and it is still going on, in case that July 4th bit threw you for a loop. That was the first entry that had rules that I stumbled on.

I’m going to gather a bunch of non-gender type items to add to my prize, as to draw out any and every lurker who might be interested. A good bit of the people participating in this are women but I thought it might be nice to give away stuff anyone could love. It might have some certain things that feel like they work better for the opposite gender. And that’s ok too. Because you can share them with your wife/husband/lover/significant other, etc. I will gather and photograph soon. So if this interests you at all, keep checking. I can pretty much guarantee it will be up by week’s end.

This week rounds out the summer semester and I am glad. I’m ready for the two quiet weeks in between, the calm before the storm that is Fall semester. I will be finishing up “Notes From a Small Island” by Bill Bryson and hopefuly starting on “A Sunburned Country” soon thereafter. I’m also looking forward to reclaiming my lunch breaks. We “technically” get two 15 minute off the clock breaks. Most people take them to go outside and smoke half a pack but I never do. Instead, I’m going to get together with some friends and partake in some 1.5 hour lunches. Anyone game?

SO, I look forward to seeing you all around when I give away some sundry prizes that are sure to make your hot-ass days of summer a little happier.

Day 112 – x365

I’m starting to think I’m not old enough for this project. Maybe in anouther 10 years I will have met enough people to make up 365 days worth. But I must persevere, because I said I would.

Jeanine – neighbour in high school

When I was new in town, you were nice to me. I was, in turn, totally jealous of your hair, your clothes, and your friendships with the cool boys.

P.S. – I am getting damn good at writing these in exactly 29 words, no editing to add or subtract.