Day 99 – x365

Father Chris – priest when I was in high school

You somehow found a way to seem “normal” and still be devout to God. As a bad Catholic, I sat in church and wondered what lay under those robes.

Wednesday – list style

  • I am in a foul mood. I cannot figure out how to fix it.
  • We watched 21 last night and let me save you the 5 bucks: it was mediocre at best, written by a guy who refuses to be anything more than the frat boy who thinks he can get the hottest girl, the best education, and all the money so he can shove it in his ears and go “ppbbbtthhh”. In other words, this movie was a waste of my time. Also: cliched lines out the ying yang.
  • I’m taking my car into the dealership tomorrow to have my gauges replaced. They were recalled and purported to “work improperly or fall off.” Good job, Honda.
  • There was a climbing competition on Saturday so when we go today, the routes will be all new and different. This gets my coffee percolating! ;)
  • Little E is slightly less snotty today but still sneezing. I see now why parents are always telling their kids to cover their mouths when they sneeze. Good god, that’s sick. And I have a sore throat.
  • On Sunday morning, Ash goes to Design Conference and I don’t think he comes back until Wednesday. My plans for his time away include some trips to Fresh Market for foods he’d never eat and some Freaks and Geeks watching. Oh yes, much of that.
  • I feel like I should go and enter some more of these “Pay it Forward” contests that are circulating. Thus, increasing my chances to win. But not because I want to win the prize but because I’d like to host one of my own. Granted, could I get enough people to enter? Maybe it would bring the lurkers out of the woodwork. Guess it would depend on the prize.
  • While Ash is away, he’s going to let me borrow the digital SLR cam he uses at work. Look for some high quality pics soon! (I can’t tell you how exciting this is to me; been looking forward to it forever.)
  • I mowed my lawn yesterday. Ash took the Boy out and I mowed, showered, hit up Publix and then I had just enough time to read one magazine article. Let me tell you how much I enjoyed that.
  • And now, I must grade papers. SIGH. No,  Really Big SIGH.