Recycle, help someone out

On Sunday, I posted an item for sale on Craig’s List for the first time. When Ash’s parents had a cottage in Michigan – when they still lived in Ohio –  they had a bunch of extra beds. Then they moved to Sarasota, Ash’s mom died, his dad moved to Arizona, and we accumulated a crapton of extra furniture that sat in storage for a long long time. Elliot claimed a lot of it and then when he moved to Chicago, he gave it all back to us. Sigh. So we had two twin mattresses and box springs in our house, with nowhere to put them. I asked a measly 100 bucks for this one which had come straight out of the moving box, probably only slept on 10 or less times.

I got a reply by mid-day Sunday from a woman named Sunshine (I kid you not) and she came by last evenig to take a look at the bed. The whole thing made me nervous because I had just read an article about the number of people assualted, raped, etc. when the person came to pick up the Craig’s listed item. She ended up being quite kind however. The point of the bed was to get her 2.5 year old son out of the family bed, because she and her husband were starting to go crazy. Yeah, and that, boys and girls, is the downside to co-sleeping. No offense if you do it but this woman was seriously at the end of her rope! She drove up in a Prius and my first thought was that she wasn’t even remotely serious in purchasing bcause how in the heck was she going to transport it!? But what ended up happening was that she offered me 20 extra bucks to help her get it home. I managed to stuff the thing into my Element and I made a quick 120 bucks in one half hour.

I think what struck me as most amusing about the entire interaction was that I – a woman – posted the item, took calls, made plans, carted the item, and collected money… from another woman. Meanwhile, Ash played with Elliot in the nursery, keeping his mind off his cold. And her husband was in their house, keeping their son entertained. Niether of us even saw the other’s mate but they were audible. I think I liked that it was two women, helping each other out. I made 120 bucks to put towards eating at a nice steakhouse in Chicago and she gained a bed which will, hopefully, get her a little more sleep!

I am having student conferences today and not necessarily looking forward to it!

See ya on the flip side. Er, after 2 PM when I am done!

Day 98 – x365

Jean – manager at Fresh Market

Best retail manager ever; divorced your lawyer husband to move in with your lesbian lover, raise your daughter. Keep asking, I just might come back to work for you.