The good, the bad

Feeling like a listy type entry right now, to break up the work I’m doing. So, some Pros and Cons of my life, currently. (Yes, Catherine, i stole your idea. Be flattered; it was good.)

Pro: I get paid on Friday! I have oh-so many plans including: lunch on Tuesday with a friend, lunch on Wednesday with a friend and – tentatively – dinner on Thursday with another friend. Funny how my social calendar fills up when my bank account is also full.

Con: My biorhythms are in a downswing. I knew it too, as soon as I got home yesterday. And just for kicks, I checked them for about 3-4 days ago and they were all on the up. It’s a bit ridiculous how accurate they are. Bio-rhythms

Pro: We’re going climbing today and I am feeling really good about how I have been eating and working out. We walked four miles on Monday night.

Con: I have not lost any weight, however.

Pro: Elliot has gained weight; he’s up from about 15 pounds 13 ounces to 17 pounds. This is a huge improvement!

Con: This stinkin’ heat! It’s making me want to stay indoors at all times and I’m not walking as much and my lawn seriously needs to be mowed.

Pro: Ash is buying a guitar on Friday and I think that’ll be pretty cool. I always knew he had an ear for it and he’ll probably pick it up quickly.

Con: Ash is buying a guitar on Friday and I don’t look forward to his cockiness, his preoccupation with said instrument, especially when I ask him to help out with, well, anything.

Pro: I’m still really digging Twitter. It’s a lot cooler now that all the “cool” people are on it and I follow them. You know, all the Blogher chicks and DadGoneMad, Wil Wheaton… the awesome net people.

Day 92 – x365

Joey M. – 11th grade crush

You looked just like James Cagney, short and stout and beautiful. I always tried to park right next to your red Jeep then one day, I accidentally nicked it.

Morning meme (now moving into afternoon)

You guys, I am having some serious trouble getting started today. AND I’ve had coffee. So there’s something else really wrong. Either way, I found this meme via Mr. Big Dubya’s site, via this site and he got it from elsewhere. I think it’s a cool idea so here goes:

1.) 1979 – Off The Wall- Michael Jackson

2.) 1980 – The Long Run – Eagles

3.) 1981 – Crimes of Passion – Pat Benatar

4.) 1982 – 1999 – Prince

5. ) 1983 – Pyromania – Def Leppard

6.) 1984 – 1984 – Van Halen

7.) 1985 – Meat is Murder – The Smith

8.) 1986 – True Blue – Madonna

9.) 1987 – Tango in the Night – Fleetwood Mac

10.) 1988 – …And Justice For All – Metallica

11.) 1989 – Storm Front – Billy Joel (this actually was my favorite then)

12.) 1990 – Violator – Depeche Mode

13.) 1991 – Nevermind – Nirvana (and it was)

14.) 1992 – Dirt – Alice in Chains (and it was)

15.) 1993 – Vs. – Pearl Jam (and it was) – in fact, from now on out, they are and were my fav. from that year

16.) 1994 – August and Everything Afterything After – Counting Crows

17.) 1995 – Oasis – Definitely Maybe

18.) 1996 – The Great Southern Trendkill – Pantera

19.) 1997 – Fat of the Land – Prodigy

20.) 1998 – Hello Nasty – Beastie Boys

21.) 1999 – Nsync – Nsync (No, I am not ashamed)

22.) 2000 – Enema of the State – Blink 182

23.) 2001 – Lover’s Rock – Sade

24.) 2002 – Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues – Strung Out (came out n 96 but I liked it then)

25.) 2003 – Dropkick Murphys – Sing Loud, Sing Proud

26.) 2004 – The Killers – Hot Fuss

27.) 2005 – Live Like You Were Dying – Tim McGraw

Ok, I can’t honestly say the above. I mean, around this time, I got really disenchanted with new music. I’m going to try very hard for the enxt couple years but seriously, in 2005, I was mostly listening to old Bling, old Strung Out, Fleetwood Mac and some 70s R&B

28.) 2006 – How to Save a Life – The Fray

29.) 2007 – Aww, I give up. I hate new music!!

Sorry to let you all down!