Getting back on the horse

Geez, being away from work for an entire four days seems like an eternity. Or at least, these four days did. And for some reason, I can’t exactly remember all that we did. I’m pretty sure that Friday was a day to just hang out. Oh, wait, I remember. Elliot was a huge Pain in My Ass. He was cranky and tired and hungry, all at once. We had tentative plans to hang out with a friend of mine and her family but her kid was being the same way! We ended up going to the mall for a bit, just to get him out of the house, and when he was finally in bed, we just sat around.

On Saturday, Elliot was in a better mood and I managed to clean around the house. Since it was Ash’s birthday, I made his lunch request – tacos – and by 5, Elliot’s godmother had come to pick him up and watch him while I took Ash to Osaka and a movie. Osaka was oh-so tasty and we had one of the better chefs (he actually got two pieces of shrimp in two peoples’ mouths!) Afterwards, we saw the 7:45 of Wall-E, which I liked but I definitely don’t agree with critics that it’s the best Pixar movie. Have they not seen Finding Nemo… or Toy Story?!? Geez. Anyway, we got the Boy around 10 and he – thankfully – went back to sleep once we got home. I was pretty worried about that.

On Sunday, we mowed the lawn and my mom got into town around 3 or so. We went to Outback and then, well, from here on out, I don’t remember much. I know we did some family stuff and drank wine and talked about my sister and watched the baby crawl around. And that’s also what my mom and I did yesterday, when I took the day off.

And today is crazy because freshmen are registering, I have to compile a lot of lists, Ash is home sick – which makes my mother nervous – (what will he DO?) – and I am starving, all of a sudden, but I only brought a Craisins 100 calorie pack, some carrots and celery and two chicken tenders. My stomach will begin eating itself around 3 PM, so think of me then.

Meanwhile, I’m broke until the 18th – hardcore destitute – and I have a feeling that once my mom leaves, I’ll be eating ramen and peanut butter. Ok ok, Ash wouldn’t let me strarve but I like to eat sparingly when I am low on funds; it makes me feel like I’m conserving.

Crap – people in my office. Guess I have to do work now.

Days 83, 84 – x365

ROB – professor

Somehow, you made me “get” yearning, I reached my “white hot center” and you were right: it was a scary, scary place. You taught me so much about fiction.

NSF – professor

One of the few profs who cared what we learned about creative non-fiction, supportive and nurturing of our output, you’re one of the best! (And so is your wife)