Rusty gashes, endearment, sadness

Last night, Ash and I walked about 3.5 miles because it was actually not as hot outside. For once… for this time of year. On the way into the garage, I scraped my knee and leg on this old trunk that my BIL left in there and boy did it hurt. But not so bad. I mean, it stung but I figured I was fine. Got some water, changed the Boy, then sat down and saw that this gash was gushing. I’m not easily squicked by blood but it came as kind of a shock. I recall the metal corner pieces being pretty rusty so for the entire time I was feeding/putting the Boy to bed, I kept waiting for my jaw to lock up. My gums were feeling kind of cold and tingly; I was certain that I’d have to make some kind of emergency trip. Of course, that didn’t actually happen. And I don’t think lockjaw sets in that quickly. Either way, I went back and inspected the trunk and it wasn’t as rusty as I thought. Guess I’m ok.

As I got into my office this morning and checked email, I cleared out my Hotmail junk file. There was one in there titled. “Sperms of Endearment.” Why, oh why, does this make me laugh hysterically? Yeah, I’m still, like, 13 years old.

Onto more randomness… did you hear about Starbucks closing 600 stores? That’s so sad! They’re mostly closing drive-thrus. Is that just stores that are drive-thru or stores with drive-thrus are closing that part? I guess we’ll find out. I’d be pretty upset to see some of our locations go down. I admit it: I’m a total Starbucks snob/junkie. Help me.

In my class today we’re doing a memory mapping exercise. I’m going to have them do a freewrite in which I ask them to recall their earliest memory. For me, it was when I was 3 and I burned my hand on the stove. I know it’s the earliest I truly remember because I can think of others but I can see them in my head because we have a photograph of it. For this, there obviously are not any phoos of me reaching for the pot of oatmeal and instead, placing my left hand right on the red hot burner.

What’s your earliest memory??

Day 78 – x365

Josephine – Realtor for our first house

Talented, intelligent and clever Asian woman, you found us the perfect house, before it was even on the market. Keeping you in mind when we’re set to buy #2