Cobbling together some ideas

I really should have planned today better. I brought Easy mac and a handful of apple slices. Do you think that filled me up? Yeah, not so much. So I’m sitting here, feeling tired and kind of nauseous, hoping I soon find the motivation to up and do something, anything important. I need to get out of my office and take a walk. That might greatly improve my overlal outlook on the rest of today… the rest of this week.

We don’t have any Fourth of July plans. Besides having the day off, I haven’t even thought about the actual holiday. So many things will be different when The Boy is old enough to enjoy holidays and understand what’s going on. We’ll probably just get up and do things around the house, like clean before my mom comes on Sunday… for a week. Since my daycare woman goes on vacation, my mother is coming to watch the Boy Tuesday – Thursday. I am taking Monday and Friday off. And oh how I am looking forward to that time off.

Meanwhile, in brother-in-law-less land, I feel like this huge weird burden-y thing has been lifted from me. It wasn’t THAT bad but I actually look forward to going home at night now, knowing that it’s just me and the Boy and Ash and our dogs… and we can do whatever we want. Note to self: do not ever let extended family stay with you, in your house, for longer than a week. For you will want to kill them and possibly yourself.

So yes, what have you guys planned for the long weekend? Anything riveting?

Days 74 – 77

Elliot – brother-in-law

I only hope you’ll find it soon, that which makes you happy and aware and not so one-track-minded. Living with you was not so bad, but your dog? ANNOYING.

Amber P –

You used to say “like” after every word; now you are well spoken and you lost a ton of weight. You rock at yoga and put me to shame!

Bethany – younger cousin

The quiet one. Dated this guy for 10 years then finally eloped, which your sister knew you’d do. I hope it works out the way you have always planned.

Alan – older cousin

Who knew you’d be such a family man, mechanic of VW vans, or a paramedic? You’ve come a long way from the kid I knew who loved Star Wars.