When Tuesday is your Monday

Weeks that start off this way are always weird – they sort of disappear into this vortex of awkward time and space; nothing goes the way you expect.

I went into work today and Ash stayed home with the Boy. I didn’t do any sort of official Father’s Day post since the Boy was all sick, making Ash’s first Father’s Day memorable and not in the greatest way. I don’t think he wanted to spend some his evening in Urgent Care with a tiny creature plastered to his chest. But I have to say, Ash is turning out to be one of the greatest fathers; he is loving and fun and yet, reasonable. I kind of like that he doesn’t just do whatever I tell him to do with the baby. He has his own ways of interacting and doing activities. All the books say that just because Daddy does is differently doesn’t make it wrong. That’s actually a good thing to remind moms. So here’s my belated happy father’s day to Ash. Baby, you’re the best.


Days 60-63 – x365

Since Elliot was a wreck yesterday I have to do some major catching up on this project. But I’m not giving up yet. Just behind.

Day 60 – Michelle H. – CompUSA coworker

One of the few co-workers who actually worked; kind hearted, willing to drop everything for your job. Made nicknames for everyone like JJ and TopFlight. Me = Short Stuff.

Day 61 – Jesse K. (fun inside joke one) – high school friend

I don’t pay for ice, I pay for Coke. Swamp Thing! You loved Michelle even though she would never sleep with you or any man. Disappeared after high school.

Day 62 – Casey – college friend

Ate bread sticks and french fries every day for lunch. Never ever thanked me for a ride. Enigma in that you didn’t date but were always around for fun.

Day 63 – Domingo – college friend

We called you “Saturday”, you who were a part of our Union Lounge Price is Right club. Saw you the other day and you didn’t recognize me at all.