Jesus shrines, AWOL, and big birds

So… do you want to know how the daycare interview went? Do ya? It was… OK. But I had an icky feeling about her place. For starters, it’s old. Which is not bad, necessarily. My house is old (1969) but hers was more like 1970s basement, complete with moldy mismatched furniture. She was nice enough; a little trashy but nice. But the two kickers: 1.) she takes all summer Fridays off (for a total of 10) plus 3 weeks paid vacation and 2.) she had a shrine to Jesus. There was this shelf in the living room adorned with the typical painting and some candles, a gold garland. It’s not the religious thing that irked me; it’s the need to construct and advertise. So anyway, I don’t think we’re choosing her. I just didn’t feel right about so many things there. I’m annoyed by this decision, even though it’s the right one. She would have been perfect, location wise. Sigh. Back to square one.

I met one of the new grad students today. He is nice and not a bit like what I heard… something about being AWOL and dishonorably discharged. Maybe someday I will get that whole story.

It began raining right around 2:30 – a hard misty kind of rain that shook the tress and made them bend to the side. Up above one of the brick buildings outside my window, a giant hawk was perched on a high loft, wings outrstetched, riding – if you will – this branch as the elements tossed it to and fro. It was a sight to see: this gigantic bird, seemingly getting a thrill out of this motion. It also sort of looked like he enjoyed the rain, like it was a shower.

Anyway, I have to go pick up the boy and I think to alleviate boredom, we’re headed to the mall. Macy’s is having some huge sale and who doesn’t need more baby clothes?

Day 57 – x365

Father Steven – priest I knew before priesthood

For the first time, I saw a man of the cloth as just a man, fallible and human, not righteous and patronizing. Just someone who loves God and humanity.

Keeping you posted

This has been one of those mornings where things have just kept mounting up. For starters, my gas light came on in conjunction with my tire pressure light. Elliot was a complete pill this morning: crying like the world was ending when he finished his yogurt. Oh god, feed me more – I’m STARVING, he seemed to say in his sobs. And yet, when he got to daycare, he was happy boy again.

I stopped at Starbucks before getting to work, where I spent about 40 minutes talking about these new incoming grad students. Some of these people… I don’t know. I guess I shouldn’t say anything as they could – had they the fortitude – find my blog and hold it against me.

My carpal tunnel is flaring up again and lawdy, how I am in PAIN. My mom is mailing me her brace but until then, everything I do in relation to my job and driving and well, just about everything… hurts.

At 10, I am meeting with another in home daycare. Elliot’s current place stops at 1 year and about two weeks ago, I was on the ball and calling all these places. And then I stopped. Because it was overwhelming and none of them were what we needed (too far away, bad hours, etc…). This woman is right up the street from our current place and charges the same amount. Let’s hope she’s the one!

In accomplishment news, my published article is out now! I just got my subscription issue so it might be on newsstands now. Here’s a pdf of it; the picture turned out all grainy and weird but you’ll get the gist!


And there you have my morning so far. I know it’s not all that exciting but I’m a busy woman these days, you know?