No, tell me it’s not the end

When you become a parent, something happens in that you cannot bear to watch certain things involving harm caused to children, childhood diseases, or heck, anything emotional involving the human race for that matter. Also, certain things will happen with your kid that will illicit that stomach-in-throat feeling and the sudden dizziness you sometimes get when, right as you’re falling asleep, you jerk awake, as if you fell.

Point being, I woke at 3:40 AM to Elliot shuffling about in his crib. I turn on the video monitor and I didn’t see this:

I saw him on all fours, rocking and looking right into the camera. I assume he sees the green light on it and can’t help but be mesmerized.  For a brief moment, I had the previously described feeling; I was certain this was the end of his good sleeping pattern, the end of my blissful 8-6 nights.

It’s not like I could go back to sleep, knowing he was awake in there. One of these days he’s going to figure out how to pull himself up and that’s when we drop the crib to the lowest setting and remove the bumpers. But for now, he can’t grasp the concept of getting his feet underneath himself to stand. Either way, I watched the monitor for a good half hour until he fell back to sleep.

When my alarm went off, I felt like I had just fallen asleep; groggy, headache and my eyes were throbbing.

I even sat for 15 minutes in the Starbucks drive-thru (because it would have been SMART to park and go inside) because I was THAT. TIRED. Plus, my brain kept thinking it was Tuesday so there was that Tuesday DREAD. However, as you well know, it’s actually Hump Day. Which means Ash comes home in 2 days, Real World is on, and we’re one day closer to the weekend, which promises to be pretty busy but fun.

And now, I have about five things to accomplish before lunch. Happy Hump Day.

Day 43 – x365

Judy G. – Office manager , Kent Strauss Realty

Gave me a chance when I really needed a job. Crazy lady who speaks her mind but loves you, just doesn’t show it. I miss your crazy wacky personality.