Elliot lately – bullets

  • Pooping only about every 3 days but by god, if it’s not the weirdest thing to see a lump of poo in his diaper that is about as hard as a piece of coal. (And if you didn’t already know, parents could talk about poo all the time; it’s non-parents who think this is weird)
  • His new favorite distraction: straws. Except his drool gets all inside it then he flings it across the restaurant. Cover your plates whenever dining in the same place as our family
  • New trick: you know when people in movies go crazy and they take their finger to their lips and blubber up and down? Yeah, we taught him that
  • The so-called 9 month sleep regression has sort of kicked in. He’s still sleeping but in getting to fall asleep each night, he flops around in the crib, gets up on all fours and rocks, because his body is so focused on learning to crawl
  • We do not like hats that much
  • Nor pools
  • But we love touching anything with buttons
  • Or fur
  • Or rabies tags
  • String cheese is his new favorite food.
  • He’s learning to pick up foods like pieces of banana and chicken except he can’t figure out how to open his hand to put the food in his mouth, so it just sort of smooshes onto his face.
  • He turns 9 months old in 2 days and I will try to get a letter written.

Finishing out the weekend

SO, after that little park outing yesterday morning, I had the brilliant idea to acquire some food and picnic at Tom Brown Park. The four of us loaded up and got Boston Market. We then found a nice shady spot near a lake and a rolling field and plopped down. Elliot, at first, was not having the whole “just sitting around” thing. While I scarfed my lunch, I fed him little bits of chicken and string cheese, just to keep him occupied. He probably ate more solid food than normal yesterday. After food, we played a couple games of Magic and Elliot got some MORE food (puree chicken and veggies – ew) and then we broke out the frisbee. It’s not your ordinary frisbee. We found it in Ash’s old boxes from when he was a kid and this thing can fly! We all agreed that was the most fun paying frisbee we ever had.

Sufficiently worn out and hot, we headed home to just relax. Elliot fell asleep in the car but couldn’t get to sleep at home. I thought maybe he was having some dehydration/heat exhaustion so he had some water/juice and he was still cranky. He finally found sleep and I took a nap.

After he went to bed, we watched National Treasure 2, which I daresay was better than the new Indiana Jones. But I don’t feel like defending that right now.

I have a lot of random thoughts about things but I’m not really in the mood for it now, with all the work I have to do in the office today. So what did y’all do with the long weekend?

Day 42 – x365

Top Flight – A.K.A John O. – coworker at CompUSA

They hired you to balance the black/white ratio but I don’t think they knew you’d be a good salesman; one of the only people to actually do their job