Friday – list style

  • I left my umbrella in the office so, consequently, I got soaked coming into work this morning.
  • We saw a preview for this movie and it looks like a total cryer. I so want to see it!
  • Indy was good – details later. Maybe.
  • I should have gotten a grande instead of a tall latte. I finished and wanted – needed – more.
  • Do you think this day could go any slower?
  • V did an excellent job babysitting. HE only woke up once (I think) and not b/c she was there. He did it for us later because his teeth are bothering him. But thank you, V!
  • I’m meeting my boss for lunch at the Mellow Mushroom
  • For now, I have a ton of work to do!

Day 38 – x365

Johnny – neighbour

As a teenager, I obsessed over you. Your black truck, long hair, and bad boy attitude. Even though you shot and killed your brother, I didn’t know any better.