Catch up

I promised you a cute pic so by gum, you’re gonna get it.

That was on Saturday, right before I put him into the kiddie pool and you would have thought there was broken glass, hot oil, and a mob of hungry piranhas in there, what with the way the kid howled in disagreement. He was apparently in no mood for water at that time. I took off his super cute outfit and put him down for a nap. THAT was what he wanted.

And speaking of the little tyke, we’re all set for the baptism. June 1st, 10:30 AM. We have godparents lined up, guests coming, my parents will be here, and I’m in the process of freaking out calmly planning a reception with food and drinks. The soon-to-be godmother wanted to buy his baptism outfit but I found one at a consignment shop over the weekend for 9 dollars, so maybe she can help with the food. I’ll gladly make stuff, I just can’t necessarily afford to be fancy.

So, I went to church on Sunday – the Episcopal church. I was fairly impressed but also a little weirded out by the differences. Not bad differences, just some stuff that, after having been a Catholic for so long, seemed out of whack for me. For example, the church itself is relatively small compared to all the ginormous Catholic churches I have always attended. This means there are less parishioners and your anonymity is out the window. A bunch of old ladies gave me the eye, the eye of “who are you and what are you doing in my church?” But that’s ok. The other main difference was communion. If you look in the center of this photo, note the way they have a banister type thing with kneelers. Apparently in the Episcopal church, people go up to the altar and circle this area until it’s full. The priest then administers communion, followed by the vestry with the wine, and then you are excused while the next round of folks goes up. I was going to decline the wine – never been fond of it – but it seemed as though it wasn’t an option, like it is in Catholicism. Even the 5 year old kid next to me drank it.

I liked the close-knit feel of the community though and believe I could attend this church regularly. I have to, at least, until after E is baptized. I couldn’t be THAT sleazy.

It’s trying to rain here in Tally and my uncanny sense of weather prediction via The Biggest Headache Ever is starting to annoy me. I am formulating a plan to leave here at 4 and catch a nap prior to rock climbing at 5:30. I am looking forward to that more than I can tell you.

So happy afternoon, everyone.

I never liked Neil Young

Apropos of nothing, I just never cared for his music. He seemed kind of whiny and back-woodsy.

Advice of the day: Bike riding at night is dangerous. A man was killed last night on his bike crossing an intersection. I saw all the hub-ub when I went to Borders and it was creepy: the bicycle with one crippled tire still lying in the road. I walked to the edge of the parking lot to see and as I turned back around, I saw two people totally making out in their car. Dude, go do that at a lake or something, not the book store parking lot.

I picked up another Bill Bryson book, because I have decided that those are my favorite types of books: where someone goes on a little adventure somewhere and you get historical bits along the way. This book
was the first of this kind that I read and it was amazing. I’m way excited to have something else to devour the way I did Walk in the Woods.

I’m thinking about giving Netflix a try. For no other reason than I don’t get to go to movies much anymore and for a long time, I wasn’t that into watching them. But lately, I have been on a movie kick and it might be worth it. I’m just not sure I can justify it, even though the cost is minimal.

Coming up later on this blog:

  • Baptism update
  • Mourning the loss of anonymity
  • Whining about being a food provider
  • A cute-ass picture of my child

Stay tuned!

Day 36 – x365

Kami F. – High school friend

Always along for the ride, quiet, subdued, smart and a spitting image of Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. I’ll probably never see you on a reunion site, will I?