Word to the wise

When an antibiotic’s label directions say to take on an empty stomach, please for the love of all that is good in this world, take heed. I have got the worst heartburn EVER because I ignored that precaution.

Shootin’ blanks

Bullet-y goodness

  • Driving away from daycare two animals crossed the street in front of me going opposite directions. One was your average squirrel and the other was a rabbit, the kind with the longer springier back legs.
  • Elliot was seemingly unaffected by the fog of teething this morning; happier and more aware. Damn those teeth.
  • This rain sucks! My lawn needs it but I don’t feel so happy about it.
  • I hardcore cleaned my house last night. Except it takes nearly having a breakdown for me to get motivated anymore so that’s what happened. So I angrily swept, mopped, dusted, washed couch covers and folded laundry. And then I passed out.
  • No plans for the weekend except maybe to play outside in the kiddie pool, weather permitting
  • I could use a big bowl of ice cream and maybe some cashews, then a giant latte.
  • Happy Friday

Day 31 – x365

K.K.J – These initials will suffice.

I wanted to hold you high on a pedestal then forget I ever knew you; hated you, liked you, knew it was pointless: on opposite team. Both happier now.