Look what I did!

I finally managed to put a ticker on my site. I have tried putting different buttons from sites for other things in a WordPress text box but they never turn out right. But this one did. Woot!

And I’m not bragging about the breastfeeding thing… ok, well, maybe just a little. It’s easy, and not. Getting mastitis sucks, that’s for sure. But in general, I cannot complain. Even with 8 teeth he doesn’t ever bite me. Although, he did at first and I quickly alleviated the problem by taking away the food. I know books and doctors say not to do that but to me, that’s simple. If I bite, food goes away. Ok, no biting. Babies don’t need to be so BABIED all the time, you know? They’re humans and need to be taught things now and then and not kept away from the truth. Sure, I’m going make sure he gets to be a kid for as long as possible, because on the other hand, for all the kids who gets hardcore sheltered,  I see a distinct moment when parents are treating them like adults when they’re still only 7 and then they don’t get to enjoy being young. They grow up soon enough, in their own time. Let ’em play and imagine and get dirty while they still can. I know I miss those days…

Day 29 – x365

Joanna H. –

The best support I could have ever found after having Elliot.
Forever thankful for our meeting that day; good friend and awesome listener,
you know I’ll always be around.


Sorry about yesterday; I was on the verge of coming down with mastitis (again) but didn’t know it until I got home. Left the office at 3 and got home, started feeling the tingles in my back right before the hard hot and cold chills hit and my fever spiked to 102. But I’d done this all before so I got in bed and tried to relax before Ash got home with the Boy (extra feedings help eliminate duct blockages) and Tylenol (to reduce the fever). The night was a blur and this morning I didn’t feel all that much better. But I managed to drag myself to my previously scheduled doctor’s appointment and then I came into the office at noon. I certainly don’t feel 100% but at least I’m not feverish.

I think by this evening, I’ll be fine. I got to talking to a guy in the department about rock climbing and he mentioned that he goes to the rock gym with his son. I got kind of excited about it, seeing as how we haven’t been in forever. So I told Ash I wanted to go and that maybe my BIL could watch the baby, since I kind of feel like he owes it to us. He’s going out of town for 11 days and pretty much just expects us to watch his dog. This causes me to not be able to travel to my parent’s house. I’m not bitter. It’s just the way it is. But sometimes I do feel like I’m owed, just a little bit.

But I have to write my 365 post for the day and proofread some things. Happy Hump Day.