Say it yourself, then think. YUP. TGIF.

I’m happy that it’s already 9:30; I really have no desire to be at work today but I have to save my time off because of all those appointments coming up. For a moment when I woke this morning, I could swear it was Saturday. Wouldn’t that have been nice?

Oh but let me tell you about yesterday. I was feeling pretty disgusting after Chili’s, even though I had a grilled chicken sandwich, so I was in kind of a cruddy mood. On my way home, Ash left me a message – because my phone didn’t ring for some reason – and he said, “Call me back; BIG NEWS.” Turns out, he went to get the Boy early and the daycare lady said he was just in time: Elliot has started crawling. Ok well, he’s doing the downward dog move, butt in the air and using his arms and toes to push up. Then he drops to his knees and lunges forward, rinse, repeat. But that’s a really big step for him and I think within a couple days he’ll be motoring around. I was immensely excited about this because for weeks I have been trying to get him to crawl and he’s just been happy to roll towards whatever to he wanted.

To boot, two packages came for me. I got some clothes from The Children’s Place because it was super on sale. Most of it was for a friend’s baby shower at the end of the month but E got this cute navy blue muscle tee that says “Varsity hoops” and also, a pair of red basketball shorts. Both are 6-9 months but the shorts just slip right off him. The kid is almost 8.5 months old!! Oh well; he wore the tee with some khaki shorts instead. He’s pretty stylin’ for a baby.

In the other box was my Sigg water bottle (woot!), which is, so far, awesome. I’ve been drinking about a liter of water a day at work so I got the liter size of the Sigg. I tried taking a picture and emailing it to myself but I can’t figure it out on my phone. Mostly because I’m not feeling like being very patient this morning.

It also looks like rain, which is not cool. But it’s not supposed to rain until Sunday. Tomorrow, we plan to take the boy to the park to do a little bit of trail walking and maybe the baby swings on the playground. Should be really fun!! I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures.

Happy Friday everyone!


Day 25 – x365

Boudreau – friend of Ash’s (complete with inside joke goodness)

I’m still weirded out by you eating cold hot dogs and showering every other day but never smelling. Coppertop, Bood-waar, dwell? When we reminisce: “Jeff Boudreau, where are you?”