Oh dear Friday

This kid cracks me up with those teeth! I’m not used to seeing them in his mouth; I got accustomed to that big gummy smile he flashed us all the time.

The three of us sat outside yesterday evening and just enjoyed the quiet and the nice weather. I think we should do that every day, just to have time to decompress. But it was already a pretty good day because we received our economic stimulus check. Yes, I know it hurts us more than helps but for now, I seriously need some new clothes. I know that’s exactly what they want us to do but I haven’t bought anything new for over a year! I don’t care that much about clothes but I am sick sick sick of my wardrobe.

I already bought myself a book and one of those Sigg water bottles, which had been on my Amazon wish list forever. Can’t wait for that stuff to arrive! I love getting things in the mail, I really do. I know I shouldn’t go spending all my money – and I won’t – most will go into savings. For now though, I want to feel like I have something in the bank, to feel like I have financial freedom for once.

I’m happy to see that it’s May. April was a really long month. Really Long. I’m ready for May to fly by and most of June too so it can be July when I am making a lot more money. Oh won’t that be nice? Oh yeah.

Anyway, happy Friday to ya and have a good weekend!