Ushering in Friday

I did it by getting a full 6 hours of sleep, oh-so peaceful sleep. I thank the Claritin that I finally gave in and took. Sure, it was the “non-drowsy” formula but that part only lasts so long before I conk out in a coma-like state of slumbering ZZZ’s. But I’m feeling much better today, even though all the violent sneezing left my throat feeling like someone coated it with sandpaper, covered in spikes. Or something to the effect because it’s hoarse and scratchy and sort of constricted. But hey, it’s Friday!

I didn’t try enough products that I like this week to do that thing I do; product review. I tried some things I had had before, to some ill effects, and I would only be able to give you a half-assed review… ok, I’ll do it anyway but won’t count it as official.

Sugar-free Red Bull

Long ago and far away, when I wasn’t pregnant and could down energy drinks without worrying about a fetus and/or breastfeeding, I once drank a Red Bull. And it was good. But it wore off fairly quickly. Maybe months later, I tried the sugar-free formula, which was equally as un-tasty and resulted in a similar fast energy/fast crash. I turned to Tabb energy soon after and never looked back. Until this past Monday. I was feeling bad, real bad. Slow, sluggish, foggy mind and just not accomplishing anything. I had already downed a coffee (90mg of caffeine) in the morning and it was 11 when it wore off and I collapsed on my desk, frantically reaching for help, or a jolt of energy. I trudged my sorry ass to the Circle K and upon finding that they no longer carry Tabb, I was forced – FORCED! – to try the Red Bull. Yup: same awful taste. Yup: same awful crash. Except this time, while it was working, it made me feel all buzzy inside, but not in a good way. I found that I felt no more able to concentrate than I had before. I just felt weird and out of sorts. So two thumbs down for sugar free Red Bull. I did NOT grow any wings.

South Beach frozen meal – Savory Pork

Truly awful!! The green beans tasted like fried wax and the pork was… not really meat-like. It had a lot of sloppy onions and soggy celery in it, plus some pecans, which really didn’t seem to compliment the meat at all. I took two bites and tossed it. I didn’t eat again until 6 o’clock and I was starving. Luckily, after about 4 PM I couldn’t taste anything anyway because my nose is all stuffed up. In fact, i still can’t taste anything.

Website depicting old timey remedies

Images from the Pre-Prohibition Era. This website details some products that were used before things like cocaine were illegal. I somehow doubt people abused them either. Note the many childrens’ teething formulas with opiates. I can’t tell you how many people have said, when I tell them the Boy is cranky about his teeth, give him some whisky! I just thought this site was very interesting.

That’s all for now; going to lunch soon, even though nothing I eat will be fun – no taste – so it will merely be sustenance. Happy Friday!

Day 11 – x365

Malia – my internet friend

When we began emailing from a Star Wars site, 1999, I never thought we’d still be friend 9 years later. Or that we’d meet in person at my wedding.