My head is about to implode

Allergies: I has them. And bad. Last night, around 11 and when we were finally done being sucked in my horrible and addicting monster called The Real World, my nose began running like a faucet and I had that clenched up tingly feeling you get right before a sneeze. Except, I couldn’t sneeze. It just sort of sat there, right at the bridge of my nose, hurting. Taunting me, even. I was miserable. All I wanted to do was fall asleep so I could get away from the annoyance but no, I woke up many times during the night, runny nose and – but finally – sneezing. Alas, I am still in their mighty grip this morning and I am feeling like battered crap.

There’s nothing new to report on my end, besides the monotony of every life, the buying of groceries, back to eating diet-like food, working out every other day and trying to lose this baby weight, watching NBA play-offs, working on a new Magic deck, and trying not to strangle my BIL’s pug because he sheds so much and has a bad case of fleas. My dogs don’t get fleas so this is really annoying.

Anyway, you don’t need my complaining piled onto your day so I shall leave you now. Hope everyone’s having a wonderful Thursday.

Day 10 – x365

My maternal grandfather, Robert

Jazz playing on a garage radio, old Model-T’s, bicycles you built; you supported education, listened intently, and were generous with your money. I respect you in every way possible.