First injury

So, we had our first major panic attack heightened sense of worry moment this morning with Elliot. I had put him on the floor in the nursery – on a blanket, of course! – while I waited for it to be time to leave. He loves to roll all over the place now so he rolled and played with some rubber blocks. Ash came in and noticed something on his arm.

“Is that blood?” he asked, very concerned.

I jumped up and grabbed his arm and the boy had a cut about one inch long right near his elbow. No wonder he was starting to fuss!

“Quick! Get a… a… a…” I stumbled.

“A what?!?” Ash asked, still trying to tuck his shirt in.

I was holding his arm out so blood didn’t get on me, the floor, or his shirt and carrying him into the bedroom where I immediately pressed two Kleenex to the endlessly bleeding cut. I wasn’t freaked out – I was efficient. WE were efficient. I then carted him into the bathroom (where I had to oust my BIL a little before he was ready) and cleaned the cut with hydrogen peroxide. While I kept pressure on it, Ash unwrapped a Band-aid and applied it. Crisis averted, the Boy was happy as ever and didn’t even cry during the tending process. It looked pretty bad but I guess he handles pain well.

No idea what cut him. We were both on our hands and knees running hands over the entire area of carpet but the only thing Ash could find was the chewed up end (Zoey!) to one of his little plastic flossers. Perhaps that was the culprit but I am surely vacuuming like a mad woman as soon as I get home.

He was still in good spirits when I took him to daycare so it must not be that bad.


Enjoy the time you are given

Monday has brought with is a beautiful sunrise, wonderfully balmy weather and a pounding headache for me. I had some coffee but I still feel awfully foggy. Also, I have a sore throat – either from allergies or sleeping under the full blast fan last night. Either way, I’ll still recap the last 2.5 days.

As previously mentioned, I had to go home early (oh no… :) ) on Friday. I got the Boy around 10 in the morning and we went home to eat some bananas, roll around on the nursery floor, and nap lazily until around 2 when Ash got home. We all napped and relaxed and simply enjoyed a Friday afternoon off – away from work and everything that clutters the mind and stresses us.

That night, we rented There Will Be Blood. It was… odd. But so odd that it kept me watching. It had this haunting quality to it… certainly nothing like what I thought it would be. Not at ALL. But I’d still recommend it, even though I can see why it didn’t win best picture. Although, once I’ve seen No Country… I’ll be better equipped to back up that statement.

We finished watching it around 12:30 and Elliot awoke all in a tizzy – probably a combination of his teeth hurting him and the fact that I did not put him to bed with a healthy dose of children’s Tylenol. He would not be consoled  – by neither me nor Ash, who tried to read him to sleep – so I had no choice but to let him cry. It always feels like he’s crying for hours on end but it was truly only about 5-10 minutes before he found comfort and sleep again.

He woke again at 5 – bright eyed and bushy-tailed – except I felt like the walking dead as I nursed him, in and out of consciousness – then trudged us out to the living room where I put on Animal Planet’s usual Saturday Dog Show rerun and let him watch because – geez-us – I was exhausted. When I started to fall asleep to the point where I thought I’d drop him if he made any sudden movements, I told him it was time to go back night-night and plopped him back in the crib, white noise machine on, good night, Elliot. Back in my bed, I watched with one eye on the video monitor as he flopped around in the crib  and finally, he too fell back to sleep. Ahh, sweet bliss. I got another 2.5 hours and around 10, the house began to stir.

We did a whole lot of nothing that whole day because NBA Playoffs started and there were 4 – count them, FOUR – back to back games on. By the time the TV was shut off that night, I felt a huge sigh of relief and took a second to enjoy the quiet. I just can’t handle the TV on for that long anymore. Elliot woke up again at 5 AM and I was equally as tired. We repeated Saturday’s routine and then we all got started on our day, finally getting out to eat at La Fiesta around 1. Ash decided, once we got back, that it was finally time to do something we had been talking about for a while: sell some items on ebay. His problem is that he didn’t want to do any of the work of taking pictures, posting the items, and watching the auctions. So, I offered to do all the legwork… for 50%. He went to 35% and I agreed because I could use the extra cash. But, once he saw me researching median prices, setting up a backdrop and rigging lighting, and going the extra mile on making the auction pages look nice, he went back to 50%. If anyone out there is interested in a couple helicopters, some Transformers, or a very rare Magic card, please, don’t hesitate to email me!!

There you have our weekend; not exactly exciting but I quite enjoyed it. Now, I think I will get me some breakfast and ponder another entry.

Day 7 – x365

Kris K. – Another one of my sister’s friends

I will always remember playing hide and seek in the dark, Rob Zombie blasting through the house – the way you were such a good friend to my sister.

Day 6 – x365

Matt L. – one of my younger sister’s friends.

Emo boy before it was popular, taught me to love Promise Ring and Get Up Kids, kind of like a younger brother to me, something I had always wanted.