Green things, winter things, damaged things

I guess Old Man Winter decided he wasn’t quite finished with Tallahassee, because yesterday and today the overnight temps were in the 30s and right now, it’s still only 45. Over the weekend, my mother and I went through Elliot’s drawers and pulled out the hoodies and sweat pants, all the long sleeved onesies and stowed them away for child #2 or future friends who may be birthing boys. Alas, this morning found me fishing through the boxes for one – just one – long sleeve, long pants outfit for him to wear today. Last week it was in the mid-80’s, for crying out loud!

I feel like I have so many random thoughts to spew today. Like how I put a box outside my office for recyclables. The University finally moved a big bin for glass, plastic and cans from this hidden parking lot (where it sat when I was a freshman!) to right in front of a building that gets a fair amount of traffic. My idea is that people who come by my office will drop their stuff off and I’ll take it to the bin. Just my little way of helping out. Although, all this “going green” stuff – as much as I like helping – annoys me because it’s become such a fad. Even TLC is making shows geared towards it. As soon as something becomes big enough to have people begging you to jump on the bandwagon, I begin steering clear. I’ll still take my canvas bags to Publix and recycle all I can but don’t expect me to watch your TV shows or give into the hype either.

I’m pretty pumped about this x365 project (see prior entry). I can remember so many people that show up in my memories, triggered by something as simple as a red van, a piece of hot dog, or a boy’s bathroom. I have always had the uncanny ability to imprint people into my brain for even the slightest way that we interacted. Some of the people I plan to write about were in and out of my life in such a short period of time but I still find them popping up in my brain from time to time. I’ll probably begin making a list just to see how far I’m going to get before having to use the way-back machine to dig up old faces. And names, of course, because the stipulation is that you have to still remember their names!

Oh, let me tell you about my Horrific Elliptical Accident ’08. I was going alon, at a pretty good pace, and watching Friends. The one where Rachel breaks Joey’s chair and Monica gets her dad’s Porsche. With about 6 minutes left in my work out, I found the water bottle to be empty and thought I’d run to the sink real fast and fill up. Now, if you’re familiar with the way ellipticals work, try to imagine the space between the stationary frame and where the bar is connected to the foot platform, only with the foot part still moving. I went to evacuate the machine – as I have done a million times before – and somehow got my foot down into the space. So the two parts are moving, side my side, and my foot slides into the space between, moving left, perpendicular to said parts. So you have motion going in two different direction, two different ways, and hence, you have me, on the floor, writhing in agony. At first, I thought it managed to get sprained, because I have had many a sprained ankle in my childhood full of dance and gymnastics. But after about ten minutes, I started to feel like it might be broken. I took a hot bath and then iced it down. Putting pressure on it hurts like a mother but today, it’s just sore and somewhat “buzzy”, like it’s trying to fall asleep. I’m sure it will heal, in time, but for today, i hobble around a little.

At least I’m working out again. For a couple weeks there, I felt kind of down about things and couldn’t bring myself to exercise. Had I worked up the energy to exercise, I probably would have felt better. It was a catch 22. I’m trying to stick to it this time; I’m sick of this belly fat that Will Not Go Away. I seriously need to find what works for me and do that about a million times a day.

For now, I have about five things I’m working on and I’m going to lunch with Ash, because I am seriously craving a cheeseburger and they’re going to Logans. Yummm.

…friends I still can recall…

So, I have started to do the project I found on This is the first one. I had reservations about doing it because although I try to post every day, I am scared that I may forget once or twice. 365 days is a long time! But in the car this morning, I felt sort of reminiscent and I realized just how many people I still remember, people I knew years and years ago, kids in my second grade class, and so on. It’s not the coming up with people to write about part… it’s the writing. But let me start and try because it’s also a good test of my ability to start and finish something. Also, I am going by the original formula of writing the number of words equal to my number of years. So, 29.

I’m going to start with James, who makes my sandwich in the morning at a little downtown eatery.

I never have to even make eye contact or speak before you are already putting egg to cheese, to ham to biscuit. Have a good day, see you tomorrow!