On the road again

After our (Elliot’s and my) trip to Orlando and Palm Beach two weekends ago, I was sick of driving and he was sick of his car seat. In fact, the first few days of going back to daycare he threw a fit each morning that I strapped him in. Finally, his mood flipped a 180 and he’s back to being a happy, lovable boy who likes going into the seat. He’s always liked the car but being strapped in – when he’s finally figuring out how to sit up on his own – frustrates the hell out of him.

So, we’re going to vault him back to cranky times this weekend as we plan to make a ten hour (round trip) drive in one day. Yeah, you heard me. One of our oldest and best friends, Chris, is having an engagement party and it is in Athens, GA. From here, that’s about a five hour drive, because there are NO INTERSTATES. We have to take this winding, twisting route where the longest stretch us is 65 miles and the shortest is about three. I don’t look forward to the getting there but do look forward to seeing old friends and having some fun. Luckily, the drive back ought to be ok as it will overlap with E’s bedtime and he will probably sleep. And so will I.

On the homefront, Elliot’s has been eating peas for about a week now and let me tell you, he loves them. Really? Peas? Yup. Even I don’t like peas all that much. Next week we’re moving onto squash and the week after that, green beans. And then, I think we’ll give him some fruit. If he can eat that disgusting mush of peas then I think we’ll be just fine with any and all foods. I think bananas and pears will be a welcome treat after all the wholesome goodness of veggies. And maybe someday we’ll try the “Country Dinner” jar because, what the hell, right? Ok, I’m kidding about that one.

I have a plethora of grading and reviewing to do so I’d best get to it.