PITA: not just bread for hummus anymore

No, these days, I use that word to acronymically explain my son’s behavior. He is a Pain In The Ass, some days. Most nights during the week, I am very sad to see him rubbing his eyes, getting sleepy. “But we’ve only been together 2 hours today, little boy. Can’t you stay up and play just a little longer?” Ah, the plight of a working mother. But there are other days – mostly weekends – like yesterday when time passed a little something like this:

  • 7:40 AM – Elliot awakes, points his butt up into the air like he’s going to crawl, then flops back down and does that little “enh enh” noise, indicating full diaper and empty belly. Eats.
  • 8:00 AM – Elliot and I sit on couch watching Animal Planet (b/c I think that’s ok)
  • 8:30 am -Daddy wakes up and takes over on baby duty
  • 9:00 AM – Elliot is slightly cranky and takes a 20 min. nap on Daddy
  • 11:00 AM – Elliot feels tired again but would rather play than sleep. Eats peas.
  • 12:00 PM – Elliot still hungry, gets milk, burps, feels tired and naps briefly
  • 2:00 PM until 6 PM – Cranky on and off. He’s a bipolar little nutcase who is thrilled to be held one minute and kicky and frustrated the next. And he yells all the new vowels he’s learned.
  • 8:00 PM – We begin nighttime routine of washing hands and face, changing into PJs, feeding, singing, rocking.
  • 8:30 PM – Lay him down in crib, thumb finds mouth and he’s out like a light
  • 8:40 PM – Mommy breathes a sigh of relief and lays down in bed to watch a movie and enjoy life sans child for just a few moments.

I love him to death but there are times when I seriously need a break from his loud voice, his squirmy body that weighs a ton now. He doesn’t fuss for food as much anymore and rarely spits up. I guess by 7 months that stuff is pretty much gone. He can pull himself to sitting now in the papasan and in the stroller. I know he’s growing up and each new thing must be mind blowing for him. Being a mother is such a conflicted job; you want to spend time with your son and at the same time, being away from him can also be rewarding. Life is so strange that way.

The two days in between, books, creative license

My weekend consisted of: a lot of relaxing, some fun, some sad times, good food, and in the end, the comfort of knowing I have a great life. It can’t get any better.

Friday night, Ash and Ell went to this place in the mall to play Magic. I guess they have a draft every Friday and a mini-tournament. I took the alone time to get a lot of stuff done. No, I lied. I totally sat on my computer most of the night then tried, with all my might, to plow through this book but I just can’t. The first two in the series were really good, riveting, page-turning stories. This one seems to be stuck in one location and I feel like Jordan was just stalling. Like he knew he wanted to write ELEVEN parts to this Epic Tale and this was when he began to really drag it out. I am a little more than half way and I think I’m going to put it down and start reading this one instead.

On Saturday, I convinced Ash to go to the Springtime Tallahassee Jubilee in the Park with me. We met some friends there and walked around, watching some lame tap dancers, being hounded by vendors handing out free crap, and looking at the cool arts and crafts. Mostly we ate. I had a root beer float, an arepa (southern style), and a piece of grilled chicken on flat bread. That was my healthy option. Ash had some Hawaiian Ice, a soft-serve waffle cone, a big plate of fries and a hot dog. Elliot drank a couple beers and got the same chicken as me, and then a chicken kabob that he said he could taste for hours after it was so spiced. I love eating like that at fairs and festivals! The rest of Saturday was kind of a bust because a.) our microwave died Friday night so we all kind of felt at a loss for dinner and b.) Ash was in a reclusive sort of mood.

To clarify: no, we don’t solely use the microwave for cooking; we’re not that lame! But it felt like without it, we had a lot less options. Really, with all the food we’d downed earlier in the day, no one was starving anyway. Oh, and said microwave went kaput Friday night WHILE I WAS USING IT. The little panel inside from whence the wave come began flickering and then it flared up and the thing died. The thing was well over ten years old so I can’t really complain much.

Anyway, I cleaned a ton on Sunday but held off washing floors because it looked like it was going to rain and the dogs always track little paw prints in when it’s wet. Although it didn’t rain and the day turned out to be quite nice. We rented that new animated Beowulf and even though it was pretty good, they certainly took some creative license in how the story went. In the book, Beowulf kills Grendel, then the mom, then time passes and he kills a dragon. In the movie, however, they throw a little plot twist into the story and, although it was compelling, it was NOT what happened in the poem at all. Even though it could have happened, I suppose. Either way, it was a good watch and it ended my weekend nicely.

So, what did you do this weekend? Is anyone else suffering from allergies? Did anyone see movies in the theater? I miss the movie theater. Sigh.

Birthday recap

So, yesterday I left the office around noon or so and headed home to a.) send some writing samples to a potential freelance job and b.) eat meatloaf. I threw together a couple mini loaves the other night while I was making spaghetti and I saved them for lunches. Ash met me at home and dropped me off at the Athena spa and salon where I proceeded to: receive an awesome full body 60 minute massage, an Aveda facial (not to be confused with your average, run of the mill facial), a manicure and then a pedicure. After that, I was shifted to a different woman who shampooed and blow-dried my hair straight, then began the arduous task of straightening it with the flat iron. But my hair looked fantastic afterwards! She then did my make-up and by this time, it was after 7 and Ash had come back to procure me and take me off to dinner.

At home, he had a vase with three orangey-yellow roses and a card. I got dressed and we went to Bonefish. Can I tell you how much I love their food? I had a glass of Cabernet, the calamari, their awesome salad and the special, which was Mediterranean style Atlantic Salmon, with feta and olives on a bed of Jasmine rice. Mmm, so yummy. I have to say, this was a pretty damn good birthday, one to remember. And not because it was anything super special, but the fact that Ash got me pampered, I liked my straight hair and make-up and actually felt confident in myself, and we spent some time together. It was just perfect. Also, I’d like to thank the Boy for going to bed by 8 PM and BIL for staying home just in case he decided to wake up, or something. Which he didn’t.

And today? Today is Friday and that is a good thing. This week somehow got away from me. I meant to upload some more pictures. And I didn’t. I also meant to run on the elliptical. And I didn’t. I meant to spend more time with the boy, and somehow in between chores and birthday, I spent very little time with him in the 3 hours from 5-8. I don’t know how he managed to get his own bedtime to be that early but it he did do it all by himself (which surprises the hell out of me when I think about the 3 weeks mark when he would not go to bed any earlier than 2 F’n AM.) But luckily we have all weekend to play and cuddle and all that good stuff. Barring that he’s actually in a good mood, which he pretty much hasn’t been all week. Thanks, mother nature, for the teething thing.

Anyway, happy Friday.

On the day I was born…

…a thousand choirs of angels were singing the praises of me. Well, ok, that might be slightly exaggerated. But this year, I have decided not to feel like I usually do on my birthday: semi-embarrassed at all the attention and sad. I don’t even know why I feel like that. If you recall last year, I went on about this exact same feeling. But now’s as good a time as any yo change that, you know?

So, my day looks like this: I got a free cup of coffee from Starbucks (because last time I waited FOREVER and then they forgot to make my drink so I got a coupon), I’m going to check email and grade research papers until noon when I will go home to eat some meatloaf I made last night. Then, on my way out to the salon and spa, I will deposite a couple birthday checks and put gas in the car.  I get about 4 – 4.5 hours at Athena spa and salon. And then, well, I don’t know what Ash has planned but I assume it will involve dinner – a late dinner as Elliot goes to bed around 8 and then after that, we’re free to leave so long as BIL stays home. I’m going to try to enjoy my day as much as humanly possible because, well, I think I probably deserve it.

So, hope you all have a grand Thursday. Tomorrow, if I get time, some old pics and some other reminiscing stuff I scanned while at home.

A time to be thankful

Things that have made me happy lately:

  • Getting 3 inches of hair lopped off. I had awful split ends.
  • My new phone.
  • Peeps! (Except, I was not so happy after about 10 of them)
  • Elliot’s Easter outfit, which was a pair of khaki shorts and a white button shirt
  • A pair of Eddie Bauer pants my mom gave me; she’s 5’1” 115 pounds and they fit me!
  • Coming home to Ash
  •  Getting long hours of sleep now that the boy does
  • Knowing that being broke will not last forever

The return + tusks

Vacations are always good. However, you realize as soon as you get back that it was more stressful than you thought and you’re ridiculously glad to be home. Or maybe that’s just me but I know that as I walked in the door yesterday, a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders. The trip was good all in all; drove down to O-town Thursday afternoon. Elliot was decent about half the way and the other half he cried and thrashed the best he could in his car seat. I just don’t know what to do for a 6 month old baby in the car. He has a toy on there and I was playing music. Just entertain yourself for once, geez!

But he was fine once we got into town. Friday morning my mom and I went to: get me a hair cut, show the boy off to my dad’s co-workers, and to Babies R Us, where my mom proceeded to spoil my child rotten. Ok ok, we didn’t buy that much stuff. We got on the road to Palm Beach around 1. Again, Elliot was a PITA almost the entire time. I didn’t want to pull a Brittney but I had to hold him in my lap (in the back seat) as to not bring about a full-scale melt down. Please don’t tell the authorities; my dad is a very safe driver. And there’s only so long you can assail your ears to that.

The weekend included some very yummy food (breakfast at a place called the Flamingo, gumbo, ham, random beer tasting, and some tasty salmon), some visiting with family friends, and a lot of just hanging out because, as luck would have it, it rained all weekend long. No beach for us. I should have put Elliot’s bathing suit and hat on just for the hell of it and taken pictures. But I do have some cute pics of him in his churchin’ outfit and his Easter basket. When I get some time later I’ll post them.

Elliot was a bit crankier than normal in the evening hours, as well as running a faucet from his mouth and on Sunday, we saw why: his gum had split where a tooth was about to burst forth. Then on Monday, there it was. He keeps flicking it with his tongue because it must feel so weird to him. I think the one next to it is coming in as well so pics soon to follow!

Back at work today and just taking it hour by hour. All prior worries and concerns have returned: money, job, household chores. But that’s ok; it’s still good to be back in good ol’ Tally.

Watching the tube

So, is anyone watching America’s Best Dance Crew? Normally, I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass what’s on Mtv (ok, aside from RR/RW challenge) but this show just keeps being on when I have time to watch. So I do. And I like it.

It’s down to only three groups now and it’s pretty obvious who’s going to win. But here are the candidates:

Kaba Modern. Apparently they’re from a fraternity that’s a big deal to get into and they have a bunch of other people in their real dance crew. Here’s a video from two weeks ago. Watch for the cool thing the guy does with his fingers:

Status Quo, I don’t know how you got so far. They’re so-so but they do a lot of crazy high-flying stuff that appeases the judges.

And finally, Jabbawockeez, who are teh awesome. Here they are on the Ellen Degeneres show.

What say you?

I’d just like to say

It’s bad enough that in public restrooms people can hear your bodily functions but is nothing sacred? I don’t need some girl putting her boyfriend on speaker phone so she can re-tie her ponytail.