Times are a’changing’

What do you notice about the picture that accompanies this article? Stupid frat boys

What is with hair these days? Guys are growing it out longer and longer and sometimes it can look… ok (note: the extreme popularity of Sanjaya last AI season) but most boys I see around look like total bums. I guess the new style is to look like you just woke up, rolled out of bed and went to class/work/your friend’s house but really, I think it’s making guys seems less reputable and overall pretty sleazy.

This article makes me wonder if my Elliot will ever do anything so stupid. The reporter says that the pledges were doing body slams into the furniture. I remember being drunk when we lived in the Woodgate house and we did “throw-downs”; everyone took on each other and wrestled but the only thing that ever got broken was a window via the corner of a large speaker, and even then, I think Chris just bumped into it. I don’t even think anyone was wrestling. There are ways to get rowdy and there are ways to destroy things. The key is to find balance. How do you teach a child that? By example? I want him to know that he should have fun with life but within reason. And by that I mean, wrecking a hotel room like that should be better left to rock stars and actors – people whose behavior is not necessarily merited sometimes.

Although, wouldn’t it be cool if Elliot became an awesome drummer in a band someday?

No, you’re probably right.

The last post about teeth (I promise)

I was feeling some pain in and around my ear/temple area but I wasn’t quite sure if it was the beginnings of dry socket or just sinus pressure, from this no-good rotten day. So I called the dentist and they got me in for noon, just to see. Sure enough, the clot only partially formed. They inserted a piece of gauze soaked in clove oil into each socket and gave me six more, for the weekend. This is old hat for me now; I resign myself to the fact that I will taste this nasty medicine all weekend and that no food will taste good until this is over. It’s ok; there are no more wisdom teeth to be pulled so I can safely say I won’t ever have to do this again.

As I left the dentist office, the rain began to pour and my stomach rumbled. I suppose a muffin for breakfast simply is not enough. I drove all around town before I finally ended up back on campus, eating at this little Mexican place right near my office. What a waste of gas. And did anyone notice the gas price skyrocket? One station near my house went from 3.06 to 3.26 in one day! That’s incredible. I’m amazed at how the prices have changed in just 10 years, 5 years. Do you think that if a Democrat gets elected to the White House that we’ll resolve our conflicts over this and they’ll drop back down?

I remember with longing a time when I could fill up for 13 dollars.

This rain is making me feel so unmotivated. I’m going to play a game of Scrabble and then try to work on Fall schedule. I could really use a hot chocolate or a piece of warm apple pie.

On a happier note:

My friend Catherine turned me on to the Pedigree million dog mosaic, which is a fundraiser.

You can view the mosaic here and find my dogs as well: mosaic.
Type in Todd5, Iggy6 and Zoey43 to see my beasts; they all come up in the center.

As if you couldn’t get enough whining…

… here’s some more.

I’m having one of those days where everything seems off-kilter. I was running late to get Elliot off to daycare and the traffic was really light, and that always sort of irks me. Even though I know it’s just another regular ol’ day, I get this weird feeling like I’ve missed something. I went to Starbucks instead of my normal place and even though it was a nice treat, it threw me off. Argh.

Let me tell you the real problem: the full moon followed by a totally cruddy morning – weather-wise. It’s all gray and gloomy, about to rain, cold, windy. As per my borderline SAD issue, this makes me want to jump out a window. The full moon always affects me and my family. Elliot was ok but Ash was in a funk and I was in a funk and I swear the moon phases and the tides and all that affect people. Maybe it’s very hippie-like of me to believe but I have seen much evidence to support it.

Back when I worked retail, all the crazies came out on the full moon. Once, an elderly man brought in a keyboard – CompUSA brand from about 8 years ago – and he demanded we simply replace it for him. I told him, straight faced but trying my damnedest to hide my laughter – that we couldn’t do it but there was a similar model back there for about ten dollars. He got so fired up that when I got the GM, the man walked into his office and started smashing the keyboard on the corner of the manager’s desk. Keys and little springs flew everywhere and the manager just sort of stared at him then booted him out of the store. If I remember correctly, it was a full moon. Seriously, I don’t know how I lasted as long as I did in the retail world.

I’m trying very hard to turn my mood around. But it’s not really working. Things just keep happening that piss me off. Like when I somehow choked on my muffin/coffee and hacked for a good five minutes. Starbucks is trying to kill me! Then, my teeth still hurt. I don’t think it’s dry socket but I am going by the dentist on my lunch break just to check. I know I won’t feel like shit forever but I let my bad moods dictate everything and at the time, I want to curl up and die.

So, now that you know I’m certifiably insane, how’s your day going, eh?