For those about to rock (their weekend)

In brief –

Things I am dreading:

  1. The return of an an instructor was was “bleeding anally” (he TOLD me this) and his arrival at my office.
  2. My upcoming dental work; two wisdom teeth being excavated from my mouth
  3. Paying bills soon

Thing I am looking forward to:

  1. Valentine’s Day
  2. The 30 Tiny Moments group/project I joined on Flickr
  3. The weekend

The week seemed to fly by somehow; I thought it would go on forever with the small amount of sleep I have *actually* gotten.  I’ve really got to stop falling asleep while feeding him in the middle of the night. I spend about an hour sleeping in the chair and then when I finally get up and try to put him back in the crib, he’s somehow cranky and still wants to gnaw on me. I feel like I haven’t been really keeping up with his development lately. He hasn’t done anything new, actually. He still can’t sit up by himself, he doesn’t babble the word “ba” like the books say he should, and he’s still not STTN (Sleeping through the night). He babbles up a storm, that’s for sure. But it’s mostly long vowels sounds and soft gurgly G sounds. He can be loud when he wants and then purr quietly the next moment. He smiles when he sees us. Oh! I know one cool thing he did: I was holding him in front of the shower door mirror and he was, as always, smiling at me and himself. Ash came in and he looked at him in the mirror then turned to look at him. He figured out that the reflection actually matched something real behind him! That was pretty amazing.

Sometimes I think he’s going to have problems. He doesn’t actually like to try sitting on his own. When I try to sit him up, he just pushes his legs to standing, which makes him laugh in a very proud manner. He takes great pride in standing up, like he’s done since about month 2. Who knows, really? All the books say things really take off at 6 months. We shall see. By the time Big Ell gets here (he’s moving in with us on the 29th – that’s a whole other blog entry) Elly will be 6 months and, hopefully, a whole new baby. That sounds like I want him to be something else, but really, the broken nights are sucking my will to live!

So, happy Friday everyone. If you feel like it, let me know what you’re going to do with your weekend. I’m going to sleep, clean, and eat. Riveting, I know.