Bullet Point Tuesday!!

It’s all that I can muster on a day when I was rushed to get out the door and it’s overcast and icky outside.

  • Linda had her baby!!! Congrats! And I’m so glad SOMEone could use Emmett. ;)
  • Every morning, I pull up to the corner of Blairstone and Miccosukee and wait at a light with the same two cars: a two door PT Cruiser convertible and a Volkswagon with a license plate that says: TODDS VW. Hi, Todd.
  • A. Beaverhausen plays a mean game of Scrabble!
  • Last night, Elliot only woke up one time; I actually got some good sleep
  • No recap of this weekend but the wedding was beautiful, we were rushed, and we did a lot of driving. (Lake Placid, Fl)
  • Congratulations to the Giants. Not a Giants fan, per se, but the Mannings must be one proud, happy family. Even though I think Eli is sort of a dimwit, he did a fine job. Suck it, Tom Brady. Suck it long and suck it hard, you big piece of s#!%.
  • Do you think I have anger issues?
  • Do you think I like bullet points just a little too much?
  • Do you think we’ll ever get a Starbucks on this side of campus?
  • Do you care that I am coffee deprived?
  • I’m turning into a real snob about coffee; I really only like Starbucks
  • That pains me to admit to you
  • I’ve got to stop bulleting ideas

Good day, all.