Friday dailies

Random of the day: Blu-ray and HD DVD mediums have been battling for a bit now and one is surely to win out, causing the other to fall by the wayside. Well, I’m convinced Blue-Ray has already won: porn has come to blu-ray! I’m sorry HD DVDs, you probably looked great but you cannot win out over the world’s number one vice.

Song of the day: Exile – I wanna kiss you all over. Heard it on the radio this morning and it’s boring a hole into the very deepest center of my brain as we speak.

Pain of the day: My intestines seemed to be all chinked up like chain in a necklace. I think I need to de-stress. I think I need a big bowl of ice cream.

Hypochondriac thought of the day: Normally, I don’t go freaking out about this stuff but I was doing some research and my intestinal problems this week all seem to lead to lactose intolerance. Never had a problem before but so many things make sense. Or it’s all stress. Hell if I know.

Wish for the day: That time passes quickly and that I can go home happy and pain-free, and play with little Elly all weekend.

Your plans for the weekend?